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Salty Elbows

Denver, CO - United States








Salty Elbows

Denver, CO - United States

Salty Elbows - Fine Artist

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About Salty Elbows

I am Brian Tohill, creator of Mr. Salty Elbows Can Paint, LLC, and writer and illustrator of DERTO’S DREAM. I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts- concentration in painting- from Colorado State University, and I am currently enrolled at Metropolitan State College of Denver to expand my involvement in the art world. My artwork is forever an exploration, to see where the media will take me, and to what depths of the unconscious I can reach. I draw inspiration from dreams and psychology, but also from nature and music. I am attracted to odd natural color pairings I see in the landscape, in the clouds or sky or the cosmos and I seek out strange looking plant and animal life forms. I prefer an automatic approach to most of my works such as the black line drawings I call ‘Dream Schematics,’ collaging and “taking a line for a walk” as Paul Klee loved to do. My paintings can take on low relief forms, found objects or architectural and lighting elements. I tend to visit upon heroes of various past genres from time to time for inspiration, especially the more whimsical ones, inspiring a reunion between the unconscious and the viewer, to momentarily escape from conscious burdens a while. I want to see faces light up with wonder as children and adults are drawn closer. I hope to cure the adulthood disease, one lost imagination at a time. Thank you for visiting, stay and Dream a while!

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Soul Release by Salty Elbows


Cerberus Snacks by Salty Elbows


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Future Pass by Salty Elbows


Camino Vidrio by Salty Elbows


Dream of Doing Something Different by Salty Elbows


Swept Away by Salty Elbows


Dream Schematic No. 1 by Salty Elbows


An Amazing Amount of Abilities by Salty Elbows


And Gave Up All The Solitude And Sorrow by Salty Elbows


Happiness Was a Far Off Freedom by Salty Elbows


Sugarloaf Mountain Brasil by Salty Elbows


Platte Power by Salty Elbows


Renovated by Salty Elbows


Kingdom original image by Salty Elbows


Kingdom Rorschach Test 2 by Salty Elbows


Kingdom Rorschach Test 1 by Salty Elbows

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   |   Images = 18