Sandi Howell - Fine Artist

Sandi Howell

Redding, CA - United States








Sandi Howell

Redding, CA - United States

Sandi Howell - Fine Artist

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About Sandi Howell

Seven years ago, after 32 years of teaching elementary school, I decided to retire. Just prior to my retirement, I took a few watercolor classes at Shasta College to see if all the 'desire' to paint that had been waiting patiently for its turn in my busy life could materialize into something that would represent my best efforts to replicate the beauty I see in the world. I wanted to share it in such a way that people would want to 'take the closer look' and further appreciate the world and creation around us.

In the first two years, I produced 20 paintings and framed them all with the encouragement of my husband (who doubles as my easily available art critic). As I painted more and more, I became more adept at putting together the elements that create a successful painting and started to see my work improve dramatically.

My challenge became a desire to give a sense of almost photographic 'realness' to my subjects by including details that might be missed or overlooked by the more casual observer. Having the quality of evoking a feeling of 'peacefulness' is also usually an important emotional component of my work for myself that I hope the viewer can enjoy as well.

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Morning and the Mules Ears by Sandi Howell


A Soft Spot by Sandi Howell


Sierra Siesta by Sandi Howell


Rusty Ride by Sandi Howell


Beckworth Bathed in Snow by Sandi Howell


Wash Day by Sandi Howell


Ray of Hope by Sandi Howell


Island Dancer by Sandi Howell


Sunset on Fallen Leaf Lake by Sandi Howell


Sun and the Sweet Peas by Sandi Howell


One Foot Island by Sandi Howell


Energy by Sandi Howell


Water Lily by Sandi Howell


Vibrant Pink Orchid by Sandi Howell


Turtle Tapa Cloth by Sandi Howell


Tropical in Red and Yellow by Sandi Howell


Tahoe Quiet Cove by Sandi Howell


Tahitian Falls by Sandi Howell


Swallowtail Splendor by Sandi Howell


Summer Sunning by Sandi Howell


South Pacific Sunset by Sandi Howell


Protective Clown Fish by Sandi Howell


Pollen Party by Sandi Howell


Pink Frangipani by Sandi Howell

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