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Sandi Whetzel

Days Creek, OR - United States








Sandi Whetzel

Days Creek, OR - United States

Sandi Whetzel - Fine Artist

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About Sandi Whetzel

As a teen, before Sandi even thought of becoming an artist, her father's modest log truck driving income did not provide many luxuries. She lived by a favorite motto: '...necessity is the mother of invention.' When something was too expensive, she took pride in creating her personal version of an acceptable substitute for that item; something she could be proud to own.

As part of her do-it-yourself philosophy, Sandi became an accomplished seamstress, fabricating her wardrobe and items to decorate her home after she married. Mesmerized by PBS TV art demo shows, Sandi started painting her hand-fashioned garments. Near her 40th birthday, the Whetzels purchased new furniture. Wall art was not in their budget. Recalling the PBS art shows and her fabric painting, Sandi decided to create her own paintings. She plunged into oil painting with passion; learning by trial and error.

After a few years of experimentation, Sandi met a talented community college instructor, Bonnie Hill, of Roseburg, OR. After four years of instruction with her, Bonnie persuaded Sandi to instruct her art classes after she left. Sandi instructed art at Umpqua College from 1997 to 2013. Later Sandi switched from oils to acrylics because of their increased versatility and variety of textures. Bonnie continues as her mentor and close friend.

To see more of Sandi's art and learn more about her, click here , or click here , to see all her art on one page. Check back often for more wine art, as well as more floras.

SANDI'S PERSONAL NOTE TO PURCHASERS: Fine Art America keeps your identity & contact info. private, but I'd like to acknowledge your purchase. Please email me via my contact links after your purchase, so I can personally thank you!

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R.S.V.P. Requested by Sandi Whetzel


Chardonnae by Sandi Whetzel


Ruby Red by Sandi Whetzel


Wine Glow by Sandi Whetzel


Virtue in the Vines by Sandi Whetzel


A Prelude to Romance by Sandi Whetzel


Wine Dream by Sandi Whetzel


An Invitation to Romance by Sandi Whetzel


Simply Wine by Sandi Whetzel


Wine on the Vine II by Sandi Whetzel


Uplifting Spirits by Sandi Whetzel


A Toast to Love and Wine by Sandi Whetzel


Moonlight Rendezvous by Sandi Whetzel


Mmm... by Sandi Whetzel


What's in YOUR Goblet? by Sandi Whetzel


Genie in a Bottle by Sandi Whetzel


...and Let There Be Wine by Sandi Whetzel


Wine on the Vine III by Sandi Whetzel


Grape de Chine by Sandi Whetzel


Wine on the Vine by Sandi Whetzel


Uplifting Spirits II by Sandi Whetzel


Happy Hour by Sandi Whetzel


Jewels of the Vine by Sandi Whetzel


An Indecent Proposal by Sandi Whetzel

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   |   Images = 54





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