Sandra Bocas - Fine Artist

Sandra Bocas

Yelm, WA - United States








Sandra Bocas

Yelm, WA - United States

Sandra Bocas - Fine Artist

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About Sandra Bocas

The expression of one's being is found in the face, the center for all senses.
With 30 years of experience as a make up artist, it was my natural path to put
to canvas the Spirit and images of the face of my journey. I found the
industry of beauty to be limiting. How could society dictate what would
or should be beauty? My pallet of experience showed me that all are
beautiful and my art was to expose both the inner and outer.

The collage of emotion, beauty and attitude are the facets of my work. I
start painting the abstract expression of attitude and its affect on the face.
The Spirit of an attitude pours through me to the canvas from the teaching
and learning of the multitudes touched through my career as a make up
artist. The faces come from my inner eye as portraits of an experience.

My work with Andy Warhol as a make up artist in New York at The Factory
added to my freedom to express and find worth in my own visions of beauty.
One can say everything is beautiful....every face has its own beauty if contemplated
long enough for the inner light to surface, interfacing with the outer shapes
and hues. To conform to what has already been done would fail me; my
venue is rather to reform and add to the whole with perceptions of expression.

Our perception of the basic four skin tones is limiting because of hues
unknown to us. Light and color are rich from a galactic perspective. It is
the unlimitedness of life, light and color I choose to channel through my brush.
The faces I paint maintain a sense of self respect, a search for power and
truth. We are beautiful through time, not snapshots of it.

Coming from Trinidad & Tobago gifts me the memory of color and its effects from an early age.
The play with color allows me expression of which I am proud and brings me great joy!

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