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Sandra Updyke

Hovland, MN - United States








Sandra Updyke

Hovland, MN - United States

Sandra Updyke - Fine Artist

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About Sandra Updyke

I am an outdoor gal, having lived in Hovland, Minnesota my entire life. I love doing anything outdoors. I have always been interested in art, photography and wildlife. They all work well together. Over the years I have had a good many up close and personal experiences with most of the wildlife up here. Sometimes I had a camera, sometimes not. Some got pretty intense. But, they all ended well. My dog, currently a golden retriever named Toby, goes with me on almost all of my expeditions to find something photo worthy. He is a bird dog, for sure. But, camera season lasts all year long. I like to take photos to show the beauty of nature as it really I see it. I don't feel a need to use Photoshop to do a lot of enhancing of what nature has created. I don't have a problem with someone using artistic license to make a nice piece of art. But, I do keep it pretty simple. I actually took up photography, more seriously, when I started working full time. Working didn't leave me a lot of time to do much serious painting. But, with photography, I could pick up and go when I had time. Plus, it was a good excuse to make time for outside activities. So, what you see in my photos is a lot of my every day life. I do most of my photos in the winter as I love the ever changing ice formations on the shore of Lake Superior. But, I take wildlife photos throughout the year. I hope you enjoy what you see. :)
I have a Moose Valley Photography page on Facebook for more photos from my area on a regular basis.

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Out on the Edge by Sandra Updyke


Full Moon Rising over the valley by Sandra Updyke


Full Moon Rising by Sandra Updyke


Icy Solitude by Sandra Updyke


Just the pancakes are left by Sandra Updyke


Icy Superior Day by Sandra Updyke


Icy Beauty by Sandra Updyke


Lake Superior Ice Gem by Sandra Updyke


Rainbow and Ice by Sandra Updyke


Sundown Sparkles #2 by Sandra Updyke


Sundown Sparkles by Sandra Updyke


Superior Sunset Blues by Sandra Updyke


Waiting on Sundown by Sandra Updyke


Sunset on the icicles by Sandra Updyke


Superior Icicles and Ice by Sandra Updyke


Stacks of beautiful ice by Sandra Updyke


Ice Points the Way by Sandra Updyke


Shades of Winter by Sandra Updyke


View from an icicle cave by Sandra Updyke


Waves and Ice on Superior by Sandra Updyke


Sunshine and Big Waves by Sandra Updyke


Stormy Lake Superior by Sandra Updyke


Lake Superior Ice by Sandra Updyke


Lake Superior at Minus Zero by Sandra Updyke

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