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Sandy Tolman

Bryn Mawr, PA - United States

Sandy Tolman - Fine Artist

Sandy Tolman

Member Since: 12/30/2012

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: I enjoy taking photographs of ordinary and not so ordinary elements of the natural and manufactured world around us. Upon occasion I'll scribble or mess around with watercolors, ink and mixed media. When I get access to photoshop, I like to explore the endless possibilities of digital manipulation - as opposed to series such as mundane world where images have little (such as cropping or minor color balance) or no modification. Fascinated by fantasy, nature, imagination, abstraction / non-objective composition.

Looking to use this area as a forum for online portfolio and interaction with artistic community.

Thank you for visiting, Sandy Tolman

- Mundane World - items from the ordinary and not so ordinary natural and manufactured world around us
- Abstract - focusing more on composition and texture, pattern and color than subject
- Luminumbra - section of abstract photography. Essentially photographs of light cast on blank canvas, walls or paper.

- Small Format - simple or small scale images or compositions easily framed or hung in small areas
- Collage / Assemblage - arrangements of found, altered or original images and elements
- Mixed Media - incorporating watercolor, ink, experimental mediums, texture, cut paper etc.
- Low Relief / Sculptural - textural, low relief or sculptural works

- Digital Art - works drawn or created in computer software programs
- Digital Abstraction - abstractions or compositions created by manipulating original images or photography
- Digital Enhancement & Restoration - images created by digitally altering, enhancing or restoring scanned images or photographs
- Digital Enchantment - collage and surreal, imaginary and fantasy images created with digital manipulation

A few small images of digital work are also posted on

Thank you again, Sandy Tolman

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