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Sara Credito

Pawleys Island, SC - United States








Sara Credito

Pawleys Island, SC - United States

Sara Credito - Fine Artist

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About Sara Credito

The concept of w.i.n.k. (whimsically inspired, naturally keen), was born out of Sara’s love and appreciation for the beauty and lifestyle of the the Southern Carolina Coast. Initially, her work was donated for charitable events and given to friends as gifts. Through much encouragement, she has started this business, and now paints daily in her home on Pawleys Island, South Carolina.

Her creations capture local color with a sense of humor and a lighthearted approach. Sara started by painting on glassware of various shapes and sizes. Sara’s creative adventures have expanded into canvas art and notecards. This transition into additional art forms has added to the whimsicalness of her work. All of her art objects have names or stories to accompany them, often stemming from her personal experiences and observations.

Sara happily succumbs to her fantasy depiction of trees, mermaids, suns, and moons, providing the art lover with sassy celestial objects, cerebral mermaids, and trees with independent personalities. Surrealism? Impressionistic? Primitive Gullah? Majolica? All of these opinions, and more, have been expressed by the local luminaries and art afcionados who have encouraged her 'joie de vivre' approach. One thing is for certain; her strokes reveal great fluidity and a curvy free-flowing movement that has often resulted in the beholder seeing various images within the scenery.

Even though Sara’s personal creative ventures have turned into a business, she maintains a deep commitment to the needs of others. Her artwork’s sense of humor and whimsy allow her to impact serious topics in an inviting way. As a result, her venue for w.i.n.k. 'Paint It Forward” has engaged local children and personalities, (perhaps those who had never even picked up a paintbrush), in expressing themselves by painting “art on a bottle” or on canvas. These events, have been a smashing success in terms of attendance, participation; and most importantly, resulted in raising funds for a worthy causes. The vision of 'Paint It Forward' captured the imagination of the artists, art lovers, the child, and the adult. The beneficiaries for these events have ranged from local hospices, hospitals, and, the most successful one to date, (held in Virginia), for the Hope Foundation in November 2012. The painting that Sara created expressly for The Stockley Art Festival, entitled
'Rooted In Hope,' was replicated on T-Shirts and Posters, and sold at the event.
The Artist personally signed the Art Posters as they were purchased; all the proceeds going to The Hope Foundation. In the tradition of w.i.n.k. art events, 'Paint It Forward' was a focal point at the Festival, and its attraction for the Celebrities, Spectators, and Children made it one of the most popular draws for the weekend.

Two more 'Paint It Forward' and Art Festivals venues are in negotiations for 2014 involving Sara and w.i.n.k. art; benefiting both regional and national organizations.

The most recent charitable branch of w.i.n.k art is taking place this fall, and especially designed for Children, encouraging them to express themselves through art. It is appropriately called 'Little Winks.'

Presently, Sara is in the process of replicating some of her most popular images on T-Shirts, Canvas totes, and Art Note Cards.
This online venture will incorporate all of her artistic contributions, so the current site is 'under re-construction' to reflect these expansions.

Sara remains grounded and humbled by the countless helpers that she constantly has by her side, always crediting 'them' for lending their support, inspiration, and love.

Knowing her as I do, it is my honor and privilege to be in her 'circle of trust,' and be assigned the joyful duty of up-dating her biography.
Sara continues to spread beauty, wisdom, and humor, with every brush stroke, and every lovely 'wink.'
And... I am among those lucky recipients of her magic!

Chadra Pittman Walke Executive Consultant and Spokeswoman For

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