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Sarah Vandenbusch

Burbank, CA - United States








Sarah Vandenbusch

Burbank, CA - United States

Sarah Vandenbusch - Fine Artist

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About Sarah Vandenbusch

I am a Los Angeles based artist and photographer who creates in my studio in Burbank. Originally from the Midwest, I've been drawing, painting & taking pictures since childhood. I studied Painting & Photography at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

Most of my artwork is based on my own photographs. If a camera is in my hand, I'm probably snapping the view. Or snapping a favorite item from different points of view.

Although much of my artwork is often representational, I've always always been fascinated by collage & mixed media and am currently exploring / playing with some new art pieces with that in mind.

I started painting Pet Portraits four years ago, and had no idea how fun it could be to paint these beautiful faces! I work from emailed photos, and then crop the image as a model to create a one-of-a kind painting.

In recent months I have found myself feeling much more playful with my work. When Iím in the moment, I really feel that sense of childlike joy! I'm hoping that feeling is conveyed in my pieces. I like creating images that take people back to a favorite place, a fond moment, or simply images that make people smile. Hoping my work may do the same for you.


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