Sassan Filsoof - Fine Artist

Sassan Filsoof

Enderby, BC - Canada








Sassan Filsoof

Enderby, BC - Canada

Sassan Filsoof - Fine Artist

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Artist's Bio:
Sassan Filsoof has experience as a graphic designer, illustrator and animator currently residing in Enderby, Canada.

Sassan Filsoof was first formally trained as an industrial designer, then classical animator, but has always had a strong affinity towards graphics and drawing. After running two successful businesses, he has returned to his passion: ‘art for a cause’
And currently works from his small acerage studio in BC, together with his wife and variety of animals.

He draws inspiration from the social and environmental world around him; anything from street art, to the wonders of nature and the animals he admires. In 2010 he founded Graphics For a Cause. His designs are meant to give a ‘voice’ to the voiceless, and to provoke thought, conversation, and hopefully action. As Sassan puts it:

” my goal is to challenge the ‘status quo’, and shine a light on issues our society sometimes would rather not face. The way I see it, for real change to happen, each one of us is responsible for doing our part, no matter how insignificant it may seem. When the others ‘get it’ only then you know collectively ‘we’ have made a difference”. The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing if there is no message.”

Sassan works in a combination of digital and traditional mediums often merging the two. He is constantly looking at ways of exploring new approaches and applications. It’s a constant challenge to keep his work fresh and provocative, by looking at things in new and orignal ways.

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