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About Science Photo Library

Science Photo Library was founded in 1981 by Michael Marten, one of the authors of 'Worlds Within Worlds', a book exploring different ways to observe the universe - from electron micrographs, to images of earthrise taken from the Apollo spacecraft. When Marten started receiving requests for the beautiful images in the book, he had an idea of setting up Science Photo Library.

Since then, Science Photo Library has continued to work alongside world acclaimed photographers and the leading science and medical experts to provide a central source of the best science and specialist imagery available. Although the collection started with scientific images, it has grown to encompass all aspects of science and their impact on everyday life.

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Bird On A Branch by British Library


Phillippe The Conjurer, Artwork by British Library


Igloos In The Canadian Arctic, 1830s by British Library


Blood Clot, Sem by Susumu Nishinaga


Lord Clive & Nawab Of Bengal by British Library


Penicillin And Side Effects by Robert Brook


The Spring-bok by British Library


Malabar Giant Squirrel by Tony Camacho


Chinese Buddhist Calligraphy by British Library


Queen Offers Robe To Man In Pool by British Library


The Kite by British Library


Douche, Circa 1860 by Science Photo Library


Black Prince Receives Aquitaine by British Library


Green Bee-eater by Tony Camacho


Bladder Mass, Ultrasound Scan by Science Photo Library


Ethnic Groups Of Asia, 1880s by Bildagentur-online


Map From 'king Solomon's Mines' (1885) by British Library


Glacier D'argentiere, French Alps by Duncan Shaw


Arthur Draws Sword From Stone by British Library


Monk Being Given Tonsure by British Library


A Street At Muttra by British Library


Rice Cultivation In India, 1850s by British Library


Artillery Cannon In China, 1880s by Bildagentur-online


Paris Fish Market, 1880s by Bildagentur-online

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   |   Images = 105513

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