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About Science Photo Library

Science Photo Library was founded in 1981 by Michael Marten, one of the authors of 'Worlds Within Worlds', a book exploring different ways to observe the universe - from electron micrographs, to images of earthrise taken from the Apollo spacecraft. When Marten started receiving requests for the beautiful images in the book, he had an idea of setting up Science Photo Library.

Since then, Science Photo Library has continued to work alongside world acclaimed photographers and the leading science and medical experts to provide a central source of the best science and specialist imagery available. Although the collection started with scientific images, it has grown to encompass all aspects of science and their impact on everyday life.

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J.-j. Rousseau, Swiss-french Philosopher by Gary Brown


Peacock Butterfly Caterpillar by Dr Keith Wheeler


Excavations At Pompeii, 1890s by Bildagentur-online


Maori War Ritual by British Library


Russian Peasant by British Library


Tropic Of Capricorn by Gerry Pearce


Cowslip Pollen Grain, Sem by Steve Gschmeissner


Dupont Highway Construction, 1910s by Hagley Archive


Enema And Stomach Pump, Circa 1870 by Science Photo Library


Thymus Gland, Artwork by Alfred Pasieka


Operation On Patient's Skull by British Library


Railway Accident, 1899 by British Library


Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics, 1666 by Asian And Middle Eastern Division


Child Labour In Canning Factory, 1909 by Library Of Congress


Devonian Slates by Dr Keith Wheeler


'the Graye Hounde' by British Library


Anchiornis Feathered Dinosaur, Artwork by Jose Antonio Pe??as


Normal Human Brain, Mri Scan by Du Cane Medical Imaging Ltd


Intertidal Zone, South Africa by Peter Chadwick


Carnation Flower Pistil, Sem by Susumu Nishinaga


Halt Of A Boer's Family by British Library


The White Rabbit, Nursery 'alice' (1890) by British Library


Pinned Broken Leg, Angiogram by Zephyr


Funeral Pyre In India by Tony Camacho


Cynara Herrida by British Library


Kings Writing Closet, Hampton Court by British Library


Telemedicine, Conceptual Image by Science Photo Library


Thymus Gland, Artwork by Alfred Pasieka


Moth Scale, Sem by Louise Hughes


Earth's Magnetosphere, Artwork by Science Photo Library


Opium Factory In India, 1850s by British Library


Juvenile Kelp Gull Catching A Mussel by Peter Chadwick


Southern Grey Shrike With Prey by Bildagentur-online


Lassa Virus Particle, Artwork by Russell Kightley


Rhodohypoxis 'pintado' by Dr Keith Wheeler


Tabellaria Diatoms, Sem by Steve Gschmeissner


Normal Human Brain, Mri Scan by Du Cane Medical Imaging Ltd


Milky Way Over Snow-covered Mountains by Babak Tafreshi, Twan


Bladder Stones, Ultrasound Scan by Science Photo Library


Battle Of The Men Of Ghent by British Library


Geometry Equations, Artwork by Russell Kightley


Leopard's Bane (doronicum Sp.) by Ian Gowland


Comet Ison, October 2013 by Nasa


Calcium Carbonate, Sem by Science Photo Library


Microglial White Blood Cell, Sem by Steve Gschmeissner


Section Rolling Shop At A Steel Mill by Ria Novosti


Relief Of Eye Examination By Optician by Sheila Terry


Hartmannella Vermiformis Protozoa Cysts by Ami Images

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