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Scott McAllister

Rogers, AR - United States

Scott McAllister - Fine Artist

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Hello, I'm going to try a new format for my photos. I'll keep what I think are my best here on Fine Art America, but a lot will get moved to a blog type format that I kind of started with my journey series. I have photos where I could put a number to show where a different photo was taken from or the approximate route we traveled. I wanted to do this for some time now but it didn't seem appropriate to have numbers scattered about on my photos posted to this site. See below.

I'm starting to go through all my photos from Sedona and plan on posting more of a journey format. There will be references to other photos taken on that day or in the same area on a different day, and even references to places where I took photos from. I'm debating on posting photos with an indicator on them to show the approximate position where other photos were taken from. We'll see how that goes. See above.

I'll post the blog address here when I actually have something there to look at. As of July 13, 2014, hopefully soon.

My background:
I started in Pennsylvania, mainly just shooting sunsets that my family and friends never seemed to notice and soon found myself hooked.
My first exposure to Sedona, AZ was in 1989 and I immediately fell in love with the place... a landscape photographers dream. I didnít want to leave Sedona at the end of that vacation but family and work considerations made me postpone moving here until the summer of 2003.
I have since moved back to PA because of my mothers health and just recently moved to Arkansas to be with our one daughter and her family. I have posted some old slides from PA and some new digital photos from PA and AR
You'll find that I don't have any of the usual stock photos of Sedona, no Cathedral Rock from the Red Rock crossing. What you will find is unique views, most of them taken from vantage points and of rock formations not usually seen in other peoples work. Before I moved to Sedona I had bought 3 or 4 years worth of the Sedona calendar until I realized it was mainly the same 15 to 20 photos used over and over. I guess that's OK for the people who have just discovered Sedona but I knew there was a whole lot more to Red Rock country than what they showed. And I wanted to see it.
When I moved to Sedona that's what I concentrated on doing, getting to places the others have ignored and sharing the beauty that I've found there. I hope you will enjoy the unique views as much as I've enjoyed taken them.

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