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Sean OConnor

Saint Charles, MO - United States








Sean OConnor

Saint Charles, MO - United States

Sean OConnor - Fine Artist

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About Sean OConnor

I consider myself an eclectic artist , meaning I enjoy creating many different types of art work.
From an early age Iíve always love to draw animal, people, automobles, and nature. Even thing I
could create by hands, started out as a drawing. I am constantly drawing on something weather
itís in my sketchbook or on a napkin at a tavern. Sometimes drawing are left in the sketchbook
to by used late and other are developed into finished illustrations. As a teenager I was mostly
influenced by early American illustrators such as A.B. Frost, Charles Dana Gibson, Howard Pyle
and of course Norman Rockwell.

My main style of work tends to focus on traditioal illustrations dealing with sport, mainly because
Iím a sports fan and I enjoy sports. My second passion other than art, since I was nine years old has
been downhill skiing. When I was seven I watched the Winter Olympics for the first time and Iíve
been hooked on the Olympics ever sence. In 1984 while in art school I was interduced to the works
of such artist as Leroy Neimen, Robert Hiendle, Bernard Fuchs, Bert Forbes and Robert Peak and
many others Olympic artists. I knew then that I wanted to do sports illustration for a living, with
hard work and detemination I hope to reach their status someday.

My plan is to do an Olympic book, similar to Robertís ďGolden Moments of 1984Ē
calling my book ďFocusing On GoldĒ . I would hope my illustration will inspire young artists and
athletes around the world. the same way artists and athletes have inspired me.

My illustrations start out from a single sketch and they are not a reproduction of a photograph.
I do use photographs as a reference to give my illustrations a better since of realism.
My main style of artwork reflect a sort of real yet impressionistic look to my work. I refers to
this style as Impressionistic Realism. Showcases the dynamic energy, enthusiastic action,
and the vibrant colorful imagery viewed throughout my work.
My Illustration work can best be described as an cross between Norman Rockwell and
LeRoy Neiman and it shows in the professionalism of my work.

Other forms of my art work tend to have a fine art & design style to them. Iíve always enjoyed
the works of Salvador Dali, M.C. Escher, Victor Vasarly, and Robert Williams. who all greatly
influenced my sence of style, perspective, and color. Working in multiple style and media's.
my work reflects that I can accurate and professionally reproduce looks from the renaissance to
the present day styles, so it's worth looking at all my work showcased.

My moto is:

The difference between a Photographerís work and an Illustratorís work is that a Photographer
is trying to ĒcaptureĒ a moment in time. As an Illustrator I can ďcreateĒ that moment.

People always ask for my artist statement so I needed to do one but Iíve never liked to explain a
my work. If youíve made and image and thatís how you wanted the image to be, I hopefully it
can speak for itself and whateven it says to the veiwer , itís the right message because there isnít
a right or wrong message. Each person takes something a little bit different away from the image
each time they veiw it.

Most of my illustrations are roughly 20 by 30 inches in height. All his illustrations are painted with
Winsor & Newton's Griffin Alkyd, which are fast drying oils with brilliant colors. He applys the paint
with a palette knife, and then goes back and paints with three detail brushes.

As an extra bounce, all his illustration can also be viewed three dimensionally by using 3D glasses.
For best resolutes use ChromaDepth 3D glasses. Glasses can be provided upon request.

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