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Sergey Ignatenko

Gomel, BY - Belarus








Sergey Ignatenko

Gomel, BY - Belarus

Sergey Ignatenko - Fine Artist

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About Sergey Ignatenko

Sergey Ignatenko was born in Gomel, Belarus in 1975. His career began in art school. As a child, he fiddled with paint and paintbrush and made figurative pictures with his mother's and sister's portraits. They were his models. In 1997 he successfully accomplished his studies in A. Hlebaw Minsk High School of Art. During his studying years he recommended himself as a respected artist and was also accepted to the Belarusian Artists Guild. He grew very fond of the impressionist artists and there Wonderful creations. He spent many years for perfecting his personal and individual style but never forgot the everlasting influence, which he fell in love with as a boy. His artwork has a nostalgia and romanticism of a Past time. The artworks are in collections in the USA, United Kingdom, Japan, France, Germany, Denmark, Israel, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Spain, Netherlands, Lithuania, Norway, Canada, South Africa.
National art museum of Republic of Belarus has acquired for its collection Sergey Ignatenko's painting - Portrait of May Dancig (oil on canvas, 149 x 133 cm).
My original works you may always find in the next galleries only (in alphabetical order): Dom Galerie (Wiener Neustadt, Austria), Galleri Amare (Stavanger, Norway), Models in Art (Delft, the Netherlands), Peter Groen Art Gallery ( My art agent in Canada is Mr. Sylvain Fortier (, which exhibits my paintings at the Galerie d'Art du Château Frontenac (
You all are allways welcome to my web sites or

Selected Exhibitions and Awards of Sergey Ignatenko
2015 - 2011 - Marienheem, (the Netherlands) - P. Groen Art
2015 - 2010 – Quebec (Canada) – Galerie d'Art du Château Frontenac
2015 - 2009 – Stavanger (Norway) – GallerieAmare
2015-2008 - WienerNeustadt (Austria) - DomGalerie
2015 - 2007 Delft (The Netherlands) – ModelsinArt
2015 – Gomel (Belarus) – The central city library (“Hot stones”, group exhibition)
2012 – Minsk (Belarus), Palace of Arts – Painters of Gomel region (group exhibition)
2012 – Gomel (Belarus), Gomel city culture palace (personal exhibition)
2012 – Gomel (Belarus), Gomel city library (personal exhibition)
2011 - Marienheem, the Netherlands - P. Groen Art - Winter Open doors days
2011 – Gomel (Belarus) - Vashchenko Gallery (group exhibition)
2011 - Gomel (Belarus) - The 1st international art plain air. Plain Air was devoted to 25th Anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster
2010 - Sevastopol (Crimea, Ukraine) – The 2nd international art plein air
2010 - Hoiniki (Belarus, Polesie area) - The 1st international art plein air
2009 – Sevastopol (Ukraine) - The I international plein air
2008 - Gomel (Belarus) - Vashchenko Gallery (personal exhibition)
2008 - Minsk, Belarus - Republic Art Palace
2008 - Spring Collection Art Ireland (with Arkhangel Gallery)
2008 - Listowel, Co. Kerry (Ireland) - Arkhangel Gallery
2007 - 2008 Lleida (Spain) - Rodsevi gallery
2007 - Gasselternijveen (The Netherlands) - Kunstgalerie Arnold
2007 - Navlya (Russia) - The X international art plein air
2007 - Chaville (France) - Atrium de Chaville
2006 - New York (USA) - The Agora gallery
2006 - Zhitomir (Ukraine) - The II international art plein air
2006 - Dallas (Texas, USA) - The American Juried Art Salon
2001 - 2004 - Art Expo New York (USA)
2001 - Israel - Oded Art Gallery - Old Jaffa
2000 - Israel - Dan Palace Eilat
1999 - Israel King Solomon's Palace Eilat
1998 - Hamburg (Germany) - Geissing Design
1997 - Singapore - Tresors International Fine Art
1996 - Paris - Galexy Gallery
1995 - Warsaw (Poland) - Group Exhibition
1994 - Minsk (Belarus) - Personal Exhibition
2006 - Honorable Mention (The American Juried Art Salon)
2012 – My dear by Georgiy Shevmer (Sergey Ignatenko’s paintings as illustration to the book)
2008 - Who's Who in Visual Art (Art Domain Whois Verlag)
2014 – National art museum of Republic of Belarus (Portrait of May Dancig)

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