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Sharon Clossick

Wakefield, RI - United States








Sharon Clossick

Wakefield, RI - United States

Sharon Clossick - Fine Artist

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About Sharon Clossick

Ever since I was a little girl I loved to draw. An evening would pass by in the blink of an eye when I was immersed in the Rice Crispies cereal box focusing intently on drawing Snap, Crackle and Pop with my colored pencils on my drawing pad. Not much has changed in 35 years. I still love to draw and focus for hours on creating a pretty picture. Throughout the years I have studied both drawing and painting, including acrylics, oil and pastel along with taking design and lithography classes. I graduated college in 1989 with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and a concentration in Fine Art. Someone once said that art is not what you do, it is who you are. This statement describes me precisely. God has graced me with a talent that only feels right when I use it. I feel at home and in the right place. It is a privilege to be using the gifts God has blessed me with.

My entire life I have been fascinated with drawing people. Portraiture is both rewarding and challenging for me and I always love a good challenge! In recent years I have been inspired by my Catholic faith as well and have found much meaning in expressing it visually.

Oil and acrylic painting: Aside from my inspirations, I have been asked by many people to paint certain scenes specific to their likes and interests. What is unique to my art is that I am able to visually express on canvas specific ideas for different individuals. Each piece of work is a client's idea transformed by me into a visually creative piece of art. That's pretty cool and it's what keeps me interested in continuing to create and paint. Ideas never run out and opportunities to create art are constantly presented to me. The medium I most prefer is oil. This is because their is a richness to oil painting that one cannot achieve when using another media. Oil paints are what many of the old Masters used and I am very inspired by the works of the old Masters. I constantly am striving to achieve technique and skill similar to the same philosophy as that of the Masters.

It goes without saying that being an artist means often seeing things in a different light. For example, my daughters flowing hair caught in the sunlight inspires me for my next oil portrait. Also, seeing people spiritually moved and inspired by a religious painting of mine is so special to me, words cannot express the humbleness I feel. These moments and many others is why I paint and why I continue to thank God for this special gift.

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St. Thomas More by Sharon Clossick


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