Sharon Weaver - Fine Artist

Sharon Weaver

Valley Village, CA - United States








Sharon Weaver

Valley Village, CA - United States

Sharon Weaver - Fine Artist

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About Sharon Weaver

Nature is my muse. A scene captures my imagination when a combination of nature, light, time and space transforms the everyday into a moment of unique beauty. That moment, that feeling, is the catalyst for my paintings. As I paint, I relive the exhilaration and wonder. I remember how I felt at that magical moment when the landscape was first revealed. Using strong composition, with dramatic variations of light and dark, I lead the eye, like a dancer, along the canvas to recreate my exhilaration. Whether I am in the studio or on location painting plein air, remembering that first moment of extraordinary discovery is why I paint.
Born in Pennsylvania, I studied fine art at Moore College of Art in Philadelphia and completed my art training at Parson's School of Design in NYC. While working in the Fashion Industry as a designer for over a decade, I traveled extensively throughout Europe, Asia and the United Sates.
After moving to Los Angeles, I began to pursue my passion for painting landscapes and have explored the challenges of painting on location, plein air. I have participated in plein air competitions and won numerous awards for my work. You can see my complete biography and more of my paintings at my website:

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Arboretum Reflection by Sharon Weaver


La Jolla Coast by Sharon Weaver


Morning Hits the Rocks by Sharon Weaver


Moonrise Over the Canyon by Sharon Weaver


Sacred Water by Sharon Weaver


Morning on the Cliffs by Sharon Weaver


Pacific Paradise by Sharon Weaver


Along Malibu Creek by Sharon Weaver


Mountains Above Emerald Lake by Sharon Weaver


Cattle Drive by Sharon Weaver


California Oaks by Sharon Weaver


Silver Lining by Sharon Weaver


Sandstone Towers by Sharon Weaver


Foothill Palms by Sharon Weaver


Clouds in the Water by Sharon Weaver


Old Red 3 by Sharon Weaver


Sun and Shadows Across the Canyon by Sharon Weaver


Lake George by Sharon Weaver


Three's Company by Sharon Weaver


Hollywood Hills by Sharon Weaver


San Simeon Coast by Sharon Weaver


Stepping Out by Sharon Weaver


Hangin' at the Mini Mart by Sharon Weaver


Reflections in the Harbor by Sharon Weaver

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