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Shaun Hopkinson

Pontefract, West Yorkshire - United Kingdom








Shaun Hopkinson

Pontefract, West Yorkshire - United Kingdom

Shaun Hopkinson - Fine Artist

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About Shaun Hopkinson

Well, what's to say? It'll definitely be typed in the first person way I know that much. It seems strange when someone speaks about themselves in the third person rule.......Weird! Anyway, I suppose I could start with the fact I have only been a photographer since just after last Christmas (2010), so please bare with me while I actually try to learn something. When I say for only less than a year, what I actually mean is that's when I bought my first camera (I've had another two since then). There are several subjects that I enjoy taking photos of, they range from street photography to vehicles, birds, my dogs and people amongst other things. Personally because of my shy persona, I actually find it a bit difficult to do the streetlife and portrait stuff although on several occasions (not many!) I have plucked up the courage to ask a few very interesting characters if they would welcome me sticking a lens in their face. Not literally I might add, that would be rude and also not very nice. How do you do 'hahaha' on a sensible site like FAA? It just doesn't seem the done thing to type text speak here. So, back to my life story........Oh dear this could get dull, so sorry in advance! (Can we do smileys here too). Right, then waffle over, I decided that after adding a couple of stones to the ol' hips and belly after my retirement from football (Ooh sounds so proffessional, but trust me it was far from it. Just the pub stuff).Anyway, drivelling on again. I decided that I would take up walking and try and burn off a few calories that way. The long and the short of it is that after my first long walk which worked out at about 18 miles I decided that the walks would be wasted so bought a camera......Tadaaaaaar, my leap into the world of photography began and here I am now, sitting and thinking of something witty to say on a dull and boring last 10 months (apart from the walks and the photos that is). Right, you can wake up now and if your insomnia causes you more problems in the future......feel free to call back on my page and take a safe cure by reading my bio again.

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Knight out by Shaun Hopkinson


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Beatbox by Shaun Hopkinson


A dying breed by Shaun Hopkinson


Rock of ages by Shaun Hopkinson


Two heads are better than one by Shaun Hopkinson


Into a ghostly world by Shaun Hopkinson


Blame Mr Beeching by Shaun Hopkinson


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Triptych six string by Shaun Hopkinson


Take your pick by Shaun Hopkinson


Tight string by Shaun Hopkinson


Heart strings in mono by Shaun Hopkinson


Tram line blues by Shaun Hopkinson


Retirement home by Shaun Hopkinson


Blood red beauty by Shaun Hopkinson


Web of Intrigue by Shaun Hopkinson


House of candles and prayer by Shaun Hopkinson


Mr Ed by Shaun Hopkinson


Wet wheels hidden by Shaun Hopkinson


Corn Exchange in mono by Shaun Hopkinson

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