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Shawn Bennaman

Baltimore, MD - United States

Shawn Bennaman - Fine Artist

Shawn Bennaman

Member Since: 09/25/2013

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I am a Baltimore based photographer, who specializes in landscape, cityscape, seasonal, and street photography. And I have had a passion for photography since my early 20s. Studying it at college, I photographed what I could with a student camera. Mostly with film based black and white photography. I would spend many hours shooting and even more endless hours in the darkroom. Learning what was needed to create black and white photographs.

As time moved on, many years would pass as I would photograph off and on with photography. Life interludes would distract from time to time. However photography was always there for me: a fire to be rekindled again and again. Fast forwarding to 2004, my photographic passions were embolden with a trip to Japan. I was captivated by Japan and wanted to capture the light, the feel, and the memories in my photographs. Not as successful as I wanted to be, but carried forward again by the winds of a new motivation and curiosity. I began photographing again in earnest.

I mainly photographed the mid-Atlantic area with my new Canon Elan 7N film camera. This would soon be accompanied by and eventually replaced with a Canon 30D. From there, my interest's in photographing and expressing my perspective was thoroughly channeled through my new digital camera. So now advancing a few more years to 2013, I now photograph mostly with my Canon 6D.

With the 6D, I also push forward with advancing my passions, skills and desire to put my work out there and potentially sell what I have captured. It has definitely been a learning and growing process over time, but it has been a very positive experience. I look forward to enjoying the photographic world and meeting many friends along the way. So thank you for stopping by, commenting, viewing my profile and photographs.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or interests in my photographs.

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Shawn Bennaman - A stroll down Aliceanna
Shawn Bennaman - Industrial Alcatraz

Industrial Alcatraz

Shawn Bennaman

Shawn Bennaman - Fuzzy September

Fuzzy September

Shawn Bennaman

Shawn Bennaman - Autumn at the...

Autumn at the...

Shawn Bennaman

Shawn Bennaman - An Autumn Path

An Autumn Path

Shawn Bennaman

Shawn Bennaman - A December Night on...

A December Night on...

Shawn Bennaman

Shawn Bennaman - Sunburst Through the...
Shawn Bennaman - Guitar in Amber Light

Guitar in Amber Light

Shawn Bennaman

Shawn Bennaman - Autumn Glow

Autumn Glow

Shawn Bennaman

Shawn Bennaman - Riverside Cast in...

Riverside Cast in...

Shawn Bennaman

Shawn Bennaman - Cascade Falls

Cascade Falls

Shawn Bennaman

Shawn Bennaman - Hatteras In The Calm

Hatteras In The Calm

Shawn Bennaman

Shawn Bennaman - Tunnel In Avalon

Tunnel In Avalon

Shawn Bennaman

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   |   Image Count = 20