Shawna Elliott - Fine Artist

Shawna Elliott

Fayetteville, AR - United States








Shawna Elliott

Fayetteville, AR - United States

Shawna Elliott - Fine Artist

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About Shawna Elliott

After living in California, Idaho, Oregon, Wisconsin, and Colorado, Shawna Elliott has lived in Fayetteville, Arkansas since 2004. Shawna’s busy days include: her 3 wonderful children, painting commissions, teaching art classes and workshops at The Art Location and The Artist Retreat Center, and running her interior decor business, Authentic Spaces.

Shawna has taught painting to both children and adults for over 4 years. She incorporates wellness and self-development into her teaching method by drawing from her BA, Psychology. Since it's proven that exercising one's creativity and expression through art improves brain functioning, problem solving, and social relation skills, Shawna Elliott works with your personality and learning style to stretch your 'artistic comfort zone.' The result: improved self-awareness, a sense of fulfillment, and a beautiful piece of art.

“In my work, I often express joy, peace, and a sense of fun. I especially enjoy reinterpreting our amazing world which God created--nature and all of its' unexpected and raw beauty. I have always expressed my creativity through cooking, event planning, landscaping, and home decorating. Additionally, I find painting a relaxing reward.”

“Because I love vivid colors, I most enjoy working with fluid acrylics. This versatile medium has powerful impact, freedom of expressive movement, and can be used to create softly, washed watercolor effects. Its’ applications seem unlimited.”

Shawna's works are displayed throughout Northwest Arkansas at galleries, retail shops, hotels, restaurants, and businesses.

Shawna is co-developer of; otherwise known as KPA. KPA is a unique and fun online personality test which scientifically provides clients a highly personalized interior decorating experience. Your KPA eBook, you will help you better understand your design needs, personal preferences, and identify areas for improvement. Please follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

Shawna accepts commissions. You can also contact Shawna at, and

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Refreshing Exuberance by Shawna C Elliott


Shocking Zinnia by Shawna Elliott


Coastal Breezes by Shawna Elliott


Strike a Pose Pig by Shawna Elliott


Market Square by Shawna Elliott


Hog'n the Lake by Shawna Elliott


Mega Poppy by Shawna Elliott


Molten by Shawna Elliott


Hog Fan by Shawna Elliott


Southern Shores by Shawna Elliott


Runnin' Blues by Shawna Elliott


Wandering Clematis by Shawna Elliott


Nap-time Puppy by Shawna Elliott


Floating Feathers by Shawna Elliott


Purple Peony by Shawna Elliott


Tropical Vibe by Shawna Elliott


Moon-Dance With Me by Shawna Elliott


Hogtails in the Woods by Shawna Elliott


Alone in the Sunset by Shawna Elliott


Cinque Terre's fishing boats by Shawna Elliott


Peacock Blues by Shawna Elliott


Morning Routine by Shawna Elliott


Rivers in My Heart by Shawna Elliott


Fuzzy Hog by Shawna Elliott

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