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Sheila Gunter

Lake View, AL - United States








Sheila Gunter

Lake View, AL - United States

Sheila Gunter - Fine Artist

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About Sheila Gunter

I began to draw around the age of twelve and then gave it up because I didn't think I was good enough. In my twenties the drawing bug bit again but once again I gave it up. Through the years I crafted, helped my son with art projects and about six years ago I developed an interest in decorative painting with acrylics. That past-time came in handy for personalized gifts and such but it was not quite rewarding enough to suit me. Scrapbooking and quilting didn't fill the void either. About four years ago my husband gifted me with a little starter oil painting set which I ignored for a while. Finally, about two and a half years ago I took up the brush in earnest. After a few months of lessons with an impressionist painter I decovered that although I loved impressionism; I was definitely NOT an impressionist painter. Taking the plunge into portraiture with a self-portrait (pretty good for a first effort, albeit a wonky right eye). About a year ago I found one of the best teachers I could ever have. Mike Dodson has been painting most of his life and has, against all odds, taught me to be more patient and take more time with my sketches and paintings. Most of the work displayed here was before I began to study with Mike so see if you can tell where the turning point was. I will never give up on my art or myself again. At this stage of my life I may never reach the potential I would hope to but I will continue to strive to be a better artist as long as I draw breath!

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A Fish Called Jack by Sheila Gunter


Beach Baby by Sheila Gunter


First Embrace by Sheila Gunter


Angel by Sheila Gunter


Mother and Sleeping Child by Sheila Gunter


Modern Madonna by Sheila Gunter


The Saban Look by Sheila Gunter


Molly the Pug by Sheila Gunter


The Singer by Sheila Gunter


Son House Purple Hues by Sheila Gunter


Trap's Whale by Sheila Gunter


The Rebel Wales by Sheila Gunter


Snow on the Rose of Sharon by Sheila Gunter


Top O' the World by Sheila Gunter


Hammock in Paradise by Sheila Gunter


Hope by Sheila Gunter


The Gunter Boys by Sheila Gunter


Crimson Bear by Sheila Gunter


A Golden Moment by Sheila Gunter


I See You by Sheila Gunter


Janis Amused by Sheila Gunter


Mother's Day Hibiscus by Sheila Gunter


Swampy Vista by Sheila Gunter


Portrait of Johnny by Sheila Gunter

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