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Sheila Smart

Sydney, New South Wales - Australia








Sheila Smart

Sydney, New South Wales - Australia

Sheila Smart - Fine Artist

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About Sheila Smart

Having lived in UK, Canada, and Papua New Guinea, I now live in the northern beaches suburb of Avalon, Sydney, Australia with my husband and two cats. I have a varied photograpic portfolio of Australian wildlife, landscapes, life on the streets of Sydney (in monochrome) and portraiture. Please check out both my Artwork and Galleries below. I won the Black and White Spider Awards - Photographer of the Year 2005 (amateur) and turned professional in 2006. I also won Outstanding Achievement in People category in the previously mentioned Awards. I have been published world-wide. Most images are available for editorial and commercial uses and I hold copyright in all of the images. Click on my stock gallery with RM pricing here All images are in high resolution digital files.

What you place on your walls should, in my opinion, not necessarily be attractive or even pretty. I believe photographs should reflect society in general. To that end, a lot of my work is a reflection of society as it is today and probably even the next millenium. Why would one want an image of a homeless person or someone on the fringe of society on the wall of their attractive apartment or house other than 'there but for the grace of God go I'? The next time you walk around a contemporary gallery, count how many attractive landscapes there are. It would be an education.

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Vintage trucks at Hill End by Sheila Smart


Water lilies by Sheila Smart


Sofala general store by Sheila Smart


Pacific black duck by Sheila Smart


Ducklings by Sheila Smart


A leisurely read by Sheila Smart


Sea of Hats by Sheila Smart


The race by Sheila Smart


Yacht race on Pittwater by Sheila Smart


Portrait of an Australian aboriginal by Sheila Smart


Bali flags on Collaroy Beach by Sheila Smart


Barriers by Sheila Smart


Vietnamese dancer by Sheila Smart


Tallship on Sydney Harbour by Sheila Smart


North Curl Curl with clouds by Sheila Smart


Mist over Palm Beach by Sheila Smart


Peacock by Sheila Smart


Peacock vanity by Sheila Smart


Palms by Sheila Smart


Ferns by Sheila Smart


Pink frangipani by Sheila Smart


Wake by Sheila Smart


Man in cafe by Sheila Smart


Day at the beach by Sheila Smart

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