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Shelley Irish

Seattle, WA - United States








Shelley Irish

Seattle, WA - United States

Shelley Irish - Fine Artist

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About Shelley Irish

Shelley’s paintings dance with unabashed honesty of the medicines and challenges of the human life cycle. Existential and contemplative, her work explores the net between psychology and spirituality. She discovers what each painting wants to say, translates it and offers her paintings as meditations on existence. She uses shamanic journeying and energetic healing to pull the physical feelings inside of her out and onto the canvas.

Her process starts within her heart and mind, most often based on experiences of her own personal growth and self-reflection. Emotions turn into landscapes, cognitive processes turn into people and deities. Her path is a seeker of truth and she is highly interested in the interconnectedness of energy and the material world. This interest extends into hours of research for each painting concept she explores, to come to an understanding of how science, spirituality, politics, alchemy and human emotion overlap into one moment of vision.

She paints slowly and deliberately in a style reminiscent of the Renaissance masters. Paintings are labored over for months, being sanded, glazed and meticulously painted until they reach a state of expressive realism. Currently she is working on incorporating sacred geometry, magical symbolism and glimpses of energetic portals and invisible messages into her painting.

Shelley lives and works in Seattle, Washington, USA. She exhibits her work and teaches painting classes for skill building and personal enrichment. She was born in Denver, Colorado, USA, studying painting there and in Paris and Italy. She became a copy artist of a Rubens’ painting at the Louvre Museum in Paris, France in 2006 and received her MFA from the Academy of Art University San Francisco in 2009.

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Green Goddess of New Growth by Shelley Irish


Sacred Feminine Blue Moon by Shelley Irish


Pink Sea Star and Her Bubble by Shelley Irish


Pink Swirl Garden by Shelley Irish


Sunset at Tongue Point by Shelley Irish


Harvest Full Moon by Shelley Irish


They Are Gone We Are Here by Shelley Irish


St. Michael the Archangel by Shelley Irish


The Source by Shelley Irish


The Devotee by Shelley Irish


The Seer by Shelley Irish


The Artists by Shelley Irish


The Leaver by Shelley Irish


The Markswoman by Shelley Irish


The Lovers by Shelley Irish


The Protected by Shelley Irish


The Heretic by Shelley Irish


The Hallucinator by Shelley Irish


The Silenced by Shelley Irish


The Taker by Shelley Irish


The Restricted by Shelley Irish


The Martyr by Shelley Irish


The Fearful by Shelley Irish


Waiting for my Husband by Shelley Irish

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