Shelly Wilkerson - Fine Artist

Shelly Wilkerson

Port Orchard, WA - United States








Shelly Wilkerson

Port Orchard, WA - United States

Shelly Wilkerson - Fine Artist

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About Shelly Wilkerson

Shelly has always felt herself to be a right-brained person in a left-brained world. Thirty of her years has been devoted to planning and scheduling large projects for construction, aerospace, transportation and energy in many parts of the country to keep the rent or mortgage paid and food on the table. For some strange reason, her humor got the best of her and she was always asked to do underground cartoons and caricatures to document events or comical situations.

She began her art early when her parents stuck the hyperactive three-year-old in the back of the family car with pad and pencil and told her to “Shut up and draw!” She has been drawing, painting and doodling since she's been old enough to drag a cat around and keep her audiences entertained with her zany sense of humor.

Shelly’s whimsical art came about following the tragedy of 9/11 when she was one among many contractors involved in lay off. After remaining glued to the television in the same state of shock as the rest of the nation, she eventually knew that America would have to learn to smile again. She combined the three things that she felt she knew the most about; old folks, cats and wine and the 'Cat Companion' Series was born! The country has been delighted by her whimsical “Mad Magazine meets Norman Rockwell” images ever since. She now paints and draws images wishing to bring about a smile. “In this day of so many stressful things, we need to focus and laugh about the good things in life. The comfort of long-time friends, the unconditional love of our furry companions and staying a little ‘nuts’, will keep us all sane!”

Shelly currently lives in Port Orchard, Washington with her photographer husband, Glen and their own eight feline ‘shed machines’. She owns an art gallery in Port Orchard, Washington called 'Crazy Lady on Bay Street Gallery & Gifts' and can be found on Facebook: and on her website, Her favorite quote is: “No ensemble is complete without a little cat hair.”

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