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Sherry Hutson

Springfield, IL - United States








Sherry Hutson

Springfield, IL - United States

Sherry Hutson - Fine Artist

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About Sherry Hutson

With my background in graphics and electronic media, I work in a world where fingers touch keyboards and ideas and images travel by electrical impulses into cyberspace. The gap between initial feeling and final expression is mediated, fragmented, distanced. For me, painting in pastel provides directness and immediacy, closing the gap between thought and expression. I’ve lived in New York, Illinois and California, and have traveled across the country. I want to remember my life experiences in a palpable way. I use photographs to help me recall, but I paint with color that expresses the feelings these places evoke.

Avery’s reductions, Hopper’s bluntness, Renoir’s surprises, and O’Keefe’s majestic skyscrapers inspire me. My formal study with Margaret Dyer, Ann von Ehr and William Schneider has shown me how the touch of pigment becomes an immediate personal expression.

Lately, my subject matter has revolved around Matanza Beach outside Havana, Illinois where I have a summer cabin. But many subjects and places for art interest me, including landscapes, buildings, and people.

I am also a computer specialist and an author. I've written a book for artists titled The Painter's Guide to Photoshop, a beginner's guide to learning the Adobe Photoshop software. Learn more at

I also have a related blog titled The Painter's Place. Check it out at

I post some of my paintings at

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Matanza Soft by Sherry Hutson


The Scott W. Lucas Bridge by Sherry Hutson


Boat 1 by Sherry Hutson


Matanza River View by Sherry Hutson


Linda's Tree by Sherry Hutson

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