Silas Toball - Fine Artist

Silas Toball

Taos, NM - United States








Silas Toball

Taos, NM - United States

Silas Toball - Fine Artist

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About Silas Toball

Duirwaigh Studios is home to the creative talents of husband-and-wife team Angi Sullins and Silas Toball. They, along with their menagerie of artist, writer and film-making friends, produce products and services that inspire creative consciousness.

From tangible treasures like books, films, and gifts, to the lively inspirations of workshops, and concerts, Duirwaigh specializes in the three E's: enchantment, enlightenment, entertainment.

We believe each product and experience should transport its audience through the portal of wonder and into the limitless realm of soul, where impossible things happen every day. With creative wild abandon and imaginative play, with a belief in the infinite possibilities of the human psyche, with feet on the ground and heads in the stars, we endeavor to knock at the door of the human heart, re-minding ourselves and each other that once upon a time is really here and now.

About Angi & Silas
They’ve been described as “The Dazzling Duo” and if you’ve ever visited their home or dropped by their website for a cup-of-delight, you’ll know why. Angi and Silas are the creative master-minds behind Duirwaigh Studios – an inspired art agency based in bohemian Taos, New Mexico.

After almost a decade of helping visionary artists find their niche, the couple now devotes their time to synergistic collaboration. Silas’s focus is symphonic music composition and graphic arts, while Angi has turned her years as a muse into a thriving public speaking and writing career. Angi’s first book Flaming Muse (2009) is available on the Duirwaigh website. The book, popur with artists and dreamers, is taken from the halls of Mesage from the Muse, Angi's online inspiration portal.

The dynamic duo also create inspirational films together and are the creative team behind A Knock at the Door – the little film that continues to make a big splash on the internet, having been seen by over three million viewers. Prepare to be dazzled!

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Believe by Silas Toball

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