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Simi Berman

Brattleboro, VT - United States








Simi Berman

Brattleboro, VT - United States

Simi Berman - Fine Artist

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About Simi Berman

A former denizen of New York City, I have lived near a lively small town in Vermont for 30 years.
Making art has taken many different forms for me. Having had no formal education in art (only music) has allowed me great freedom in the creative process.
Starting in a humorous vein with painted terra-cotta wall hangings,I later developed a line of cards and prints (see in the same vein.
In 2000, I illustrated two books (At Grandmother's Table -Fairview Press) and (Buon Natale,Natale -Franco Maria Panini)
Since then,I have been painting in oil on paper.In this work I have no idea or program when starting a painting but allow the gestures to lead me where they will.These gestures are often dance like, rhythmic or musical. Color, a passion, follows the mood and spirit.

In addition to the paintings, I have been working in two-dimensions with collages.Sometimes these are combined with painting.
Photography is another realm I have been exploring. Using the photos taken on my European travels I create photo collages.
When not occupied with art, I sing in a Renaissance a Capella quartet and am a member of a piano trio.

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Starry Sky on K Street by Simi Berman


Donkey Pueblo by Simi Berman


Three Saints by Simi Berman


Rush Hour by Simi Berman


New York Harbor by Simi Berman


Metamorphosis by Simi Berman


Terra Incognoto by Simi Berman


Tuscan Sunset by Simi Berman


Pulse by Simi Berman


Tinker's Caravan by Simi Berman


Sogno d'Italia by Simi Berman


Village in Spring by Simi Berman


Sacred Space by Simi Berman


Urban Landscape by Simi Berman


Ghosts by Simi Berman


Xanadu by Simi Berman


Mechanical Bird by Simi Berman


Passage by Simi Berman


Roussillon by Simi Berman


Buddha on Main by Simi Berman


Who's watching? by Simi Berman


Firebird by Simi Berman


Tropical Still Life by Simi Berman


Venice Door by Simi Berman

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   |   Images = 47





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