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Simone Talla

Portland, OR - United States








Simone Talla

Portland, OR - United States

Simone Talla - Fine Artist

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About Simone Talla

Simone Flore is a painter living in Portland, Oregon since 2009. Born in 1990 in Cameroon, a beautiful country in the west central Africa region, she has always possessed the urge to express her feelings with the acute serenity of a pencil, recently turned into a brush. When she migrated to the USA, she started lauding abstract art through the French impressionist Claude Monet. In her desire to refine her abrupt skills, she enrolled in Art house 23 taught by Joann Gilles. There, she acquired an admirable brush work, a solid well-deserved support of the community of painters, the ability to convey an undeniable boost of emotions through her paintings and mostly the knowledge of her true potential as an abstract painter.
Simone Flore made an incredible impression at the ArtHouse23 Annual Open Studio in 2010 and in 2011. Subsequently, it was no surprise when her paintings were appraised during the Remax show in 2011 and in the friendly display granted by Atomic Pizza in 2012.
Lately, she has genuinely immersed her interest in the work of the German visual artist: Gerhard Richter. Currently, her obsession lays on the perfect mastery of palettes brushes for a better manipulation of colors. Surely, her “second child” as she calls her painting is unique, distinguishable and apparently liberal.

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Self Portrait by Simone Talla


A Young Woman on the Sofa by Simone Talla


Confidence by Simone Talla


Woman's Body by Simone Talla


San Francisco Bay I by Simone Talla


Father and Son by Simone Talla


Reflection of an Urban City by Simone Talla


Imaginary Canyon by Simone Talla


Le Passage by Simone Talla


Foggy Forest by Simone Talla


Reflection of the Lost Forest by Simone Talla


Dense Forest by Simone Talla


Calm River by Simone Talla


Clouds by Simone Talla


Nude by Simone Talla


Bridge Through Window by Simone Talla


Zach by Simone Talla


Maelle by Simone Talla


Road of Knowledge by Simone Talla


La Fille au Petit Matin by Simone Talla


My Dream Cave by Simone Talla


Loneliness by Simone Talla


Top View by Simone Talla


Late Afternoon in France by Simone Talla


Unplanned by Simone Talla

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