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Stephen Lucas

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Stephen Lucas

Chicago, Il - United States

Stephen Lucas - Fine Artist

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ARTISTS PROFILE - Stephen Lucas 1966-2010

In his own words...

I grew up in Florida and lived there through out childhood until the age of 12, at which time I relocated to Chicago. I was always drawing and painting in childhood, but stopped for some time in my late teens and became reacquainted with my love of art in my early 20s of which I then developed a love particularily in painting. Living in Florida in the keys and residing in Chicago for the latter part of my life has fostered a love of nature in many aspects with me which fuels my inspiration.

I spend most of my time with spiritual meditatve practice which does include my time with painting. I enjoy nature shows,movies that uplift the heart and occasional fantasy. I like to spend time in meditation,quiet and walks in nature. I believe in peace and non violence. I love to paint portraiture, figures, still-lifes, landscapes, birds, scenery in general and spiritual in nature type of scenes and more wether realistic or figuratively abstract. My favorite medium visualy to work in traditionally or digitally is oil, acrylic . watercolor. I love to work in a somewhat realistic impressionism style in painting type.

I currently reside in Chicago Il. with my spouse living a wonderfully happy life.


I'm a self taught artist who has studied the great masters of Dutch & Flemish realism and impressionists of different eras. Some of my favorites are Vermeer ,The Kalft family,Sargent, Renoir and Monet and David Leffel and Richard Schmid of the current century to name a few. These Greats inspire me to reach for high standard quality painting. Im an artist interested in only one thing, that is to produce paintings of aesthetic beauty that are original paintings that are one of a kind or great paintings for museum quality giclee print processes.

In my paintings both hand made and digital I strive for rich color,and harmony with lighting,hue,shape,edges which I studied in Eastern philosophies in painting regarding color and space and lighting etc. which I apply to Western painting techniques and subject matter. My paintings look great in many settings,formal to country casual,from traditional to contemporary,from American to European and more.

It is also important to me to create beautiful works to uplift ones spirit to serenity, calm and just sheer delight in color and form and how the spiritual quality of light plays on the subject matter creating paintings that transcend the everyday mundane existance of subjects in a world lit with light imparting to the subjects in my artwork a regal existance of validity that in most eveyday life is overlooked by most because of a busy paced world. A painting stops you and can transport you to seeing, really seeing the beauty of existance around you.

I believe that art is an alternative language that is universal. No words are needed. It is as old as time and as relative as the earth is round. I believe in the power of art to conceal, to heal, to reveal and to concieve. My work represents the ever revolving door of the human mind's desire to dream, and imagine, to examine and determine.My work is of me and is me. It has always been and will always remain me and the world as I precieve it. I will continue to create for the pure pleasure I get from creating what is uniquely mine, as it is concieved and birthed in my mind's eye. This is my oath to myself and to all who may find a moment of beauty or mystery in my work.


Stephen passed away on 3/24/10 after a year and a half battle with cancer (sarcoma) I'm his partner, Aitor and I will keep the website running so others can share in his passion and splendor of his being. He loved art and this website and hearing from other artists etc... I will miss him terribly and thank you for your kind comments.

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Day at the Shinto by Stephen Lucas


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I Marry Your Mind to Lights Window by Stephen Lucas


Vision Breathed Thrice by a Sea Angel by Stephen Lucas


Venus of the Pink Rose my version inspired by a work of Bouguereau by Stephen Lucas


Archangel Evokes Through Nights Womb by Stephen Lucas


Divine whisper by Stephen Lucas


The Cernunnos of Metatron by Stephen Lucas


Primordial Mother Gives Birth to Solar Father by Stephen Lucas


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To Contemplate World Accension by Stephen Lucas


Witches holidays by Stephen Lucas


Lord of Light I by Stephen Lucas


Goddess of the Summer Rose by Stephen Lucas


Scarlet Badboy by Stephen Lucas


Moonlight Kisses Raphael by Stephen Lucas


Gossips by Stephen Lucas


Lavander and Pink Flowers in Silver Vase by Stephen Lucas


Yellow Roses by Stephen Lucas


Lite Brought Forth by the Archkeeper by Stephen Lucas


The Ecstasy Angel by Stephen Lucas


Venus Fertility by Stephen Lucas


Showered by Mars Virility by Stephen Lucas


GrandMother Crow by Stephen Lucas


Midwinter Solstice Fire Lord by Stephen Lucas


Blazzing Wisdom Through Odins Essence by Stephen Lucas


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Dianas Blood Moon by Stephen Lucas


The African Witchweaver by Stephen Lucas


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Lady in Summer yellow by Stephen Lucas


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Girl with Basket of Roses by Stephen Lucas


Peace Weaver by Stephen Lucas


Autumn Angels by Stephen Lucas


After Morning Rain by Stephen Lucas


Priestess of the Floral Temple by Stephen Lucas


Quiet Prayers by Stephen Lucas


Neptunes Trio by Stephen Lucas

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