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Stephen Ponting

Mojave, Ca - United States








Stephen Ponting

Mojave, Ca - United States

Stephen Ponting - Fine Artist

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About Stephen Ponting

I am a self taught artist, with several classes in high school and Jr. College. I am a member of the following groups. Antelope Valley Allied Arts Association (AVAAA) Lakes and Valleys Art Guild (LVAG), Cal City Art Commission (CCAC), Art Studio AV (ASAV). I started painting in the early sixties and was very successful in selling all of them. I stopped painting in 1974 do to health reasons. I started painting again in 2007. I have had 7 shows in the last year and had a two man show with the master artist Ramon Ramirez.I love painting in public and did live demo's at the Antelope Valley Fair in 09-2010 as well as painting live on a car with several artists to promote the 2011 fair.

I am also building a web site to show my work The web site is a work in progress and the paintings will be posted as I learn how to use computers. All my paintings are original freehand works in oils, acrylics and pastels. Some are taken from photographs that my friends or I have photographed or from other talented photographers who have been able to capture those rare moments. I will give all credits necessary to those artists whose photos have contributed to my paintings.

In 1972 I was part of a group of artists who were asked to volunteer painting murals on the inside of the Orange, CA Post Office I painted a 14'x7' mural of a train crossing a mountain gorge on a trestle. I also did illustrations for writers of short stories. To read more about what I did before 2007 go to and look under instructors [details]. In 1974 I was over-whelmed with PTSD from my 68-69 time in the Army stationed in Vietnam, and my family and I moved from place to place until I came out of it in 1983.It was the Love my family and I have for each other and the Grace of God and His Son Jesus the Christ that got me through it all.

From 1983 until present time I have been working as a carpenter .This was probably the best training I could have done to increase my art abilities because it taught me that foundations to anything is the most important factor and that was reinforced again in my martial arts training.I attained the rank of a 3rd Dan in Yoshukai Karate and have taught the art to over 300 students during the last 13 years.My wife who holds Shodan rank and I started a scholarship program (The Mike Foster Yoshukai International Karate Association Mojave Branch Scholarship) for the Mojave High school students and have awarded over $6000 in six years. If anyone wishes to contribute go to can be reached thru either website or

I must state that the most important concept or idea in my life is THE RIGHT FOR ALL TO HAVE LIFE, I believe that is where our new solutions to all of our problems and our new ideas and artists are going to come from. God BLESS you all. -Steve

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Yosemite falls inspired from a David Muench Photo by Stephen Ponting


Nevada Northbound by Stephen Ponting


Steam Train One from Mike Massee photo by Stephen Ponting


Vasquez Rocks Five by Stephen Ponting


In The Thicket by Stephen Ponting


The Campsite by Stephen Ponting


South China Sea by Stephen Ponting


As Night Falls by Stephen Ponting


Waiting for the Mail by Stephen Ponting


Sunflower Heart by Stephen Ponting


Cal City Park One by Stephen Ponting


Seagull Going North by Stephen Ponting


Pathway to Puget Sound by Stephen Ponting


Vasquez Rocks 5 by Stephen Ponting


Valley of Fire by Stephen Ponting


Richard Petty by Stephen Ponting


Vasquez Rocks 6 by Stephen Ponting


Vasquez Rocks 3 by Stephen Ponting


Vasquez Rocks 4 by Stephen Ponting


Vasquez Rocks by Stephen Ponting


Pathway to Puget Sound 3 by Stephen Ponting


Pathway to Puget Sound 2 by Stephen Ponting


Zebra Road by Stephen Ponting


Vasquez Rocks Looking South by Stephen Ponting


The Birth of My Cartoon Characters by Stephen Ponting


The Tree by Stephen Ponting


Brothers at devils punchbowl by Stephen Ponting


The Fisherman by Stephen Ponting


Alter Cloth by Stephen Ponting


Nascar at 200mph by Stephen Ponting


The Rodeo by Stephen Ponting

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