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Steve Baier

Indianola, IA - United States








Steve Baier

Indianola, IA - United States

Steve Baier - Fine Artist

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About Steve Baier

I'm a lifelong Iowa Resident: a 1997 Indianola HS grad and a 2000 DMACC (Ankeny) grad. My interest in art started at an early age and I di a lot of drawing and painting in high school, though I was also interested in auto shop, German, and other subjects too.

My professional career was actually born in 1999 when I signed up for Airbrush class at DMACC. I progressed in learning this challenging medium rather quickly, and that summer I worked as a caricature artist at Adventureland - something I would continue to do through 2007. I always liked drawing people, so I found this to be something I was rather good at. In the first years after college, I also held various art-related jobs and did some free-lance illustration and airbrush work. At this time, I was also tinkering with pin-up art, a genre I had really loved and wanted to progress in. My biggest influence was and still is Jennifer Janesko, someone whom I have grown to greatly admire both professionally and personally. There are many other amazing artists whose works I have studied and whom I have communicated with often too. I realized that there were no rights or wrongs and that I had to find and develop my own style.

In the spring of 2007, I was invited to participate in an erotic art show called UNcover, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Even though my art is really not in this category, it was my first major show, and one of my paintings won Second Runner Up Overall. Around the same time, I signed with Up Your Art to license my images for use in web graphics. Since then, I have organized and participated in several other art exhibitions around Iowa, and continued to increase my web presence vis my own site, myspace, facebook, eBay,, and many other art sites. I have gained collectors throughout the USA and abroad. I use my time and talents to help support causes such as breast cancer research and Alzheimer's research. I am a big baseball, football and hockey fan; I enjoy bike riding and other outdoor activities; and I read and study foreign language (German & Norwegian) too.

Artist Statement:
My paintings are a blend of fantasy and reality. The subjects are real people; each unique and wonderful in her own ways, presented in idealistic or fantastic scenarios. My paintings often project such values as optimism, perseverance, integrity, self-esteem and more. I often let the viewer draw his or her own conclusions about any particular painting, and I enjoy hearing the interpretations. I'm continually thinking up new themes for my art and I try to be an abassador for my genre, coming up with new ways to link us into the fine art world.

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