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Steve Raley

Bellevue, WA - United States








Steve Raley

Bellevue, WA - United States

Steve Raley - Fine Artist

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January 16th, 2013







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About Steve Raley

Iím a visual person; always have been. As such, I'm inspired by the interplay between light and dark, and while I tend to favor black and white imagery, I recognize that some images not only look better in color, but actually require color to make their statement.

As a photographer and artist, I notice things, things other people donít notice.

Thatís not to say I notice everything, because I donít, nobody does. But, like everyone else, I do see things through my own ďlife filterĒ, what some might call ďperspectiveĒ. At any rate, those things that I see and notice that, nobody else sees or notices, I endeavor to capture through my lens and share with youÖ and anyone else who will have a look.

So look, enjoy, perceive. And if you get something out of my images that I didn't know was there, so much the better, for in doing so, in a way, you make the image your own.


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Risby by Steve Raley


Turkish Delight - Executive by Steve Raley


Via Del Trebbio at Night by Steve Raley


Weekend In Seattle by Steve Raley


Street of the Golden Keys by Steve Raley


Sisters Posing by Steve Raley


Open Door Policy by Steve Raley


Pink and Yellow by Steve Raley


11 Via Dei Serragli by Steve Raley


Via del Sole by Steve Raley


Trier Cobblestones by Steve Raley


Seattle Fire Escape by Steve Raley


Last Wave by Steve Raley


Koenigsegg CCX 5 by Steve Raley


Blades by Steve Raley


She Takes Her Lunch by Steve Raley


Drum Kit Man by Steve Raley


Il Duomo - Santa Maria del Fiore by Steve Raley


Santa Maria del Fiore and Giotto's Campanile by Steve Raley


St. Peter's Basilica Dome by Steve Raley


Waiting For The Bus - Westlake Station by Steve Raley


Space Needle Reflected by Steve Raley


Seattle Public Library - Pattern 07 by Steve Raley


Hotel Max by Steve Raley

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   |   Images = 114





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