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Sundara Fawn

Swannanoa, NC - United States








Sundara Fawn

Swannanoa, NC - United States

Sundara Fawn - Fine Artist

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About Sundara Fawn

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Sundara was born in the majestic mountains of Colorado, raised within the rolling farmlands of Illinois and now resides within the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains of Western North Carolina where the essence of nature is the inspiration behind her art. As early as she can remember, her passion has been to seek absolute truth and to create art that reflects this truth. The continual desire to express artistically led her to further her education in art. She completed her undergraduate and graduate studies in painting at Northern Illinois University, earning BFA and MFA degrees with honors. Her spiritual practice and works of art are infused by practicing scientific meditation techniques received from her Guru Paramahansa Yogananda.

As a professional fine artist for the past twenty years, she specializes in painting using both acrylic and oil paints. She creates original and commissioned works on canvas and also paints custom murals. She has the gift of materializing each individuals unique vision when producing commissioned work. One can experience the depth found within the many subtle layers of paint while viewing her art. Her style is soft with an ethereal presence and her use of pigment rich in color. Sundara conveys her connection to the animal kingdom and love of nature along with her appreciation for all spiritual paths through her artwork.

Every creation is a unique representation of the unity and connection between all living things. Her goal is to inspire and uplift through her painting. Sundara feels that her paintings are her ministry and healing message to the world. Each person that views one of her creations is affected in a very deep, positive way. Her mission is to create beauty and healing as her artwork reconnects individuals to the divinity within themselves. Her art invokes a message of peace, harmony and an experience of truth, beauty and timelessness. Her vision being that the more we center ourselves in knowing that we are all One in Spirit, the more harmoniously we can all live in this world. Her work speaks of the importance of time for silence, and being fully present in each moment.

The theme and passion behind her recent series of paintings is “Dreaming This Dream We Call Life”. With inner depth she explores the dimension of the world in which we exist in essence as all being a dream. The dream quality and spirit from the voices of animals are captivated within each piece. She feels that we are constantly creating our own dreams in each and every moment here on earth therefore experiencing a divine dream. We invite you to join the artist as she explores the realm of a visionary world through animal messages, universal consciousness and the divine feminine.

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Balance by Sundara Fawn


Magic From Silence by Sundara Fawn


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Emerging Love Opening Heart by Sundara Fawn


Silent Wisdom by Sundara Fawn


Spirit and Nature by Sundara Fawn


Surrender by Sundara Fawn


Inner Voice by Sundara Fawn


Healing Unicorn by Sundara Fawn


Birth of Freedom by Sundara Fawn


Purification by Sundara Fawn


Magical Merlin by Sundara Fawn


Healing Mother Earth by Sundara Fawn


Awakening to the Beauty Within by Sundara Fawn


Royal White Elephant by Sundara Fawn


The Courage to be Free by Sundara Fawn


Listening by Sundara Fawn


Loving Thyself by Sundara Fawn


Gentle Love by Sundara Fawn


Guardian of Truth by Sundara Fawn


Floating in Peace by Sundara Fawn


Awakening Visionary Power by Sundara Fawn


Dreams Made Easy by Sundara Fawn


Lord Jesus and Lord Krishna by Sundara Fawn


Jesus Mother Theresa and Gandhi by Sundara Fawn


Glowing Buddha by Sundara Fawn


Hey Diddle Diddle by Sundara Fawn


Old Woman in shoe by Sundara Fawn


Row Row Row your Boat by Sundara Fawn


Rub a Dub Dub by Sundara Fawn


Crossing into New Realms by Sundara Fawn


Tears of Devotion by Sundara Fawn


Zen Waterfall by Sundara Fawn


Archae Faith by Sundara Fawn


Archangel Michael by Sundara Fawn


Phoenix Rising by Sundara Fawn


Zen Garden by Sundara Fawn

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