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Susan Duda

Hudson, FL - United States








Susan Duda

Hudson, FL - United States

Susan Duda - Fine Artist

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About Susan Duda

Susan lives for Art. She loves beauty and she seeks it out. Always searching for it through her eyes, through her lens and through her brush onto paper or canvas.
Susan's response is to try to the best of her ability to present what she sees in nature and beauty in a truthful way, in a realistic style.To mirror what God has already created, so those who wish to can possess an interpetation of what He has so perfectly created.
One of Susan's gift's is the ability to compose a pleasing design. Like a musician she finds the best arrangement of subjects to interest the viewer and draw them into the scene, sing the song with colors and hopefully leave with a new awareness or discover something forgotten.
As part of Susan's civic and cultural activities Susan teaches people about art. Volunteer teaching in a nursing home and teaching art classes at the local art center to students from 5 years old to 87 years old.
Teaching people about art is every bit as satisfying as painting her own paintings. Susan says it is even more exciting to see one of her students have a 'Eureka Moment', she says she finds herself as happy or even happier than they are.
Susan has been quoted as saying, 'I paint because I must, I teach because I love to share knowledge and give a hand up to someone who wants to learn. Painting is my passion and teaching is my mission.
Susan retired from teaching recently.

Susan Duda
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Simple Elegance by Susan Duda


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Chocolate Covered Cherries by Susan Duda


Budgie by Susan Duda


My Shoot Em Up Cowboy Remnants of Stuart by Susan Duda


Rural Route Mailboxes Oklahoma by Susan Duda


The Power Of Pink by Susan Duda

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