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Susan McNeil

San Antonio, TX - United States








Susan McNeil

San Antonio, TX - United States

Susan McNeil - Fine Artist

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About Susan McNeil

WELCOME TO MY ART SHOWING, (CLICK ANY PICTURE FOR A LARGER VIEW) I was born in Odessa, Texas and lived all of my childhood in El Paso, Texas. Doodling with my dad before pre-school helped me to not hardly be able to wait until art was offered in the the 7th grade. I took art 7th thru 12th grade just because I loved it. In 1968 my tempera/watercolor called 'Mexican Still Life' hung at the San Antonio HEMISPHERE with a blue ribbon. My parents sent off for a correspondence study in commercial art to encourage me. I helped at the annual school carnivals by drawing people's faces to make money for the Art Dept. I helped teacher's with posters and some work on stage props designs. I was awarded 'Who's Who in Art for Ysleta High School of 1971'. I always wanted to be a children's book illustrator but my parents said 'There is plenty of starving artist so go to business school and do this on the side'. I entered business classes at UTEP.
I was able to take oil painting classes from a local portrait/floral artist named FLORENCE HAYGOODE. She encouraged me to submit the portrait I did of my best friend in High School---(Robin Smith) and it hung in the 'El Paso Museum of Art' for a short time. Then I took oil painting from a landscape colorist named CARRILLO GONZALEZ from Mexico.
Marriage, raising children and church projects kept me from returning to my true joys of art for a long while. I thank Jesus for this gift because it has got me through some really hard times! As the kids began to grow up I decided I wanted myself to return to the world of art and being around creative people in art, music and drama. I reluctantly enrolled in San Antonio Community College to get a 'Illustration Design' diploma. I was so happy there and learned so much about all kinds of art. I enjoyed Ceramics and found that I have a love for Digital Photography. I began to go on enjoyable outings and bring back experiences on camera to make my canvas projects with. I loved learning of abstract painting using texturings and glazings. Color theory changed my life in the way I saw how colors effect your emotions and the outcome. I plan to continue on in my fine art education at UTSA soon.

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Wedding matching accessories by Susan McNeil


Abstract Sunsets by Susan McNeil


Hobby Lobby Fetish by Susan McNeil


Fruit Fetish Festival by Susan McNeil


Grandpa's Favorite Rooster by Susan McNeil


Ink Design by Susan McNeil


The Fighting Cocks the Eagle-A Aesop Fable by Susan McNeil


American Soldier by Susan McNeil


Flower Pots by Susan McNeil


Texas Desert Sunset by Susan McNeil


What is on my blue jeans? by Susan McNeil


Orange Movement by Susan McNeil


Flaming Red Shell by Susan McNeil


The Woman in the Brown Skirt by Susan McNeil


SeaWorld Copper Diving Helmet by Susan McNeil


Fiesta Pottery Fetish by Susan McNeil


Abstract Elephant Ears by Susan McNeil


Abstract Elephant Ear by Susan McNeil


Elephant Ears in the Morning by Susan McNeil


Indian Blanket by Susan McNeil


Serenity by Susan McNeil


Nature Repetition 1 by Susan McNeil


Nature Repetition 2 by Susan McNeil

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