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Sushila Burgess

Oxford - United Kingdom

Sushila Burgess - Fine Artist

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About Sushila Burgess

I am half-Indian, half-English, grew up in rural Lincolnshire, studied French and Spanish at the University of Oxford in the late 1970s, then drifted into computer programming and now have a job as a software developer at the University. But at heart I am a painter not a geek! I have always loved painting, but for years of my adult life I felt undermined by people's discouraging attitude, and did not produce any artwork. Then I started enviously eyeing and sneakily using my young daughter's art materials. Finally I decided I had better get some paints of my own! I started painting ceramic tiles to decorate my home: paintings that evoke day-dreams of a mystical, magical and unreal India populated by blue or yellow elephants, jewelled peacocks and women in embroidered red-and-gold saris.

Next I wrote and illustrated a children's book called Jasmine's Unicorn, and the full-colour version of the illustrations can be seen here in my Jasmine and the Unicorns gallery, while the story itself (with black-and-white pictures) is available from and Amazon UK.

In 2010 I began a series of paintings called 'Bird People': weird magic birds with human heads. I entered one of these, 'Bird People: the Chaffinch Family', in a BBC TV talent show for artists called Show Me the Monet and appeared on BBC2 in May 2011. In the same month, my picture 'Bird People: Little Green Bee-Eaters of Upper Egypt' was shortlisted in a competition to provide an illustration for the cover of the guide to a local arts festival, Oxfordshire Artweeks 2011.

From 2011 to 2013 I painted birds, animals, fairies, mermaids, monsters, the four seasons, Zodiac star signs, people playing chess or lolloping on the sofa.

Then in September 2013, I began my biggest project yet: the 78 cards of the Tarot deck, completing the set a year later. This Tarot deck is now available, hand-made by me, from

However, I have not said goodbye to the Tarot yet, as I am still painting an alternative series for the suits of Wands and Swords. Traditionally the suit of Wands is associated with the element Fire and the suit of Swords with the element Air, but some people feel that it should be the other way round, so I am going to offer an 'Airy Wands' and 'Fiery Swords' alternative.

To see more of my artwork, visit my website.

And my paintings are also available:

* printed out on T-shirts, mugs, bags and many other products

* as illustrations in an exciting magical adventure story for children aged about 5-8 years, Jasmine's Unicorn

* as a hand-made Tarot deck

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