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Gardendale, TX - United States









Gardendale, TX - United States

Susie WEBER - Fine Artist

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About Susie WEBER

My name is Susie Marks Weber and I was born and raised in Ozona, Texas. I had a great childhood and was introduced by my mom at an early age to nature and wildlife. We backpacked in Colorado and traveled all over the U.S., Europe and Mexico. Iím just a country girl at heart who has decided to have some mid-life creativity fun. I have always loved art and decided to try my hand at it. I love working with mixed medias of art markers and acrylics. I love bright colors and studying all art forms and then coming up with designs that are whimsical and invoke feelings of Godís beauty. I love taking an ordinary subject and turning them into something unusual. Itís all about perspective and perception. I hope I create art that captures your imagination. God gave us such beauty to see and I would like to capture that on paper.

Thanks to my mom for dragging me through Art Galleries and Museums even when I didnít think I was interested.

Be blessed!
Susie Marks Weber

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Blending In by Susie WEBER


Gecko Wiggle by Susie WEBER


Grapes of Wrath by Susie Weber


Camo Ready for the Season by Susie WEBER


Camouflage Man by Susie Weber


Acorn Woodpecker by Susie Weber


Dia De Los Muertos by Susie Weber


Losing My Mind by Susie Weber


Thunderbird Flutter by Susie Weber


Bad Hair Day by Susie Weber


The Lookout by Susie Weber


Flower Power by Susie Weber


Wedding Daze Princess by Susie Weber


Wedding Daze Prince by Susie Weber


Sunburst by Susie Weber


Hummer Flutter by Susie Weber


Fiesta Rooster by Susie Weber


Sunrise Hen by Susie Weber


Sunrise Rooster by Susie Weber


Rooster Strutting his Stuff by Susie Weber


Rooster Comb by Susie Weber


Rooster Strut by Susie Weber


Barrel of Cactus Fun by Susie Weber


Bird House by Susie Weber

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   |   Images = 121

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