Suzanne Giuriati-Cerny - Fine Artist

Suzanne Giuriati-Cerny

El Cerrito, CA - United States








Suzanne Giuriati-Cerny

El Cerrito, CA - United States

Suzanne Giuriati-Cerny - Fine Artist

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About Suzanne Giuriati-Cerny

Suzanne Fellerman Cerny (ne Giuriati)

I have always painted in oils for the certain feeling of adventure, accuracy in line and color, and I love painting on linen. Acrylics are my second choice, but lately I have discovered how to use them, especially the liquid mixtures, for colorful and more abstract paintings of jazz musicians.

For murals, I prefer to use acrylics called Nova Color, or if obtainable, Politec Acrylic Paint in jars. I alternate computer painting, (digital art) and and do a bit of photography which I consider a fine art, depending on the spirit in which it is done.

I am an art instructor for seniors in residence homes. It has been very rewarding and inspiring to see men and women who are upwards of 80 years, who didn't think they could draw to turn out very accomplished and interesting art works.

I currently paint images of musical expressions at the 57th Street Gallery in Oakland, and at the Jazz Heritage Center on Fillmore St. I love plein air painting and I have joined the East Bay Plein Air Painters EBPAP.

I would like to spend a few months, painting in Italy. I spent a month on each of my two visits, one traveling by train in central and northern Italy, and one in the regions of Ravenna and Emilia Romagno. Everything Italian is very exciting to me, because it's new to me, and I consider Italy my birthright. I am currently studying the language, and watching Italian films at the UCB.
Updated October 21, 2013

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