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Suzanne Tynes

Lincoln, MT - United States








Suzanne Tynes

Lincoln, MT - United States

Suzanne Tynes - Fine Artist

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About Suzanne Tynes

As a native of Montana I find myself surrounded with endless possibilities for paintings of landscapes and wildlife. As a dreamer I am drawn to different cultures and landscapes around the world. I never know where my paintings will take me.
I have been interested and involved with some sort of Art from a very young age. This evolved to owning 4 of my own Gallery/ Gift shops over the years locally, selling my work to travelers from all over the world.
I am a self taught artist working in several mediums focusing on Oils and Acrylics right now. Every day and every painting is a learning experience for me. I am endlessly studying and refining my work and hope that you find some sort of joy from what I am meant to do.
Originally starting my art life in pencil and pen and ink, color has been the most exciting and most challenging to work with. I Love what I am able to do, to create and share my experiences on canvas with the world. I Love to share this incredible place I call home. I never take it for granted.

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