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Sven Brogren

Chicago, Il - United States








Sven Brogren

Chicago, Il - United States

Sven Brogren - Fine Artist

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About Sven Brogren

My art got a young start. I can remember doing pencil drawings of distorted figures around age 10. About two years later, I got a kodak instamatic camera for x-mas. I went straight into the woods and started shooting. My Dad was impressed with my work and gave me my first SLR (Minolta SRT-101)camera. I was off to the races. I just love being creative. I feel that's why i am here is to make beautiful things for others to enjoy. I never taken class in photography. I have learned by doing or by reading Outdoor Photographer and by getting inspired by the work of other artists. Then in 2006, I got my first digital SLR. I was afraid to change because i knew it change my creative process. It has. My photography has blossomed. My wife has encouraged and inspired me to shoot more and different subjects. I also have developed some digital panting skills and written some short stories and poetry along the way. My wife paints with watercolors. She will use one of my photos for her work. I have been working with her to improve her photography skills.

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Caboose and depot in rural Illinois one starry night by Sven Brogren


Johnny's Garage in late afternoon sun by Sven Brogren


Chicago Skyline from north avenue partiallysubmerged by Sven Brogren


Chicago skyline from half underwater by Sven Brogren


A rusty 50's Cadillac in painted blue and yellow light one starry night by Sven Brogren


A fisheye look at the ultra-modern Milwaukee Art museum at dawn by Sven Brogren


Serene Caribbean Beach by Sven Brogren


50's Cadillac logo at night in yellow light by a cornfield by Sven Brogren


Colorful weathered building by Sven Brogren


Rusty old cadillac in the moonlight by Sven Brogren


The colorful Bord Gais Energy Theatre on a rainy night by Sven Brogren


A crumbling one room school house amongst the cornfields by Sven Brogren


Bellagio Fountain in Las Vegas at night by Sven Brogren


An Old Cadillac by a barn and cornfield by Sven Brogren


The Louvre at night in Black and white by Sven Brogren


An old covered bridge in moonlight by Sven Brogren


Erine Banks sculpture in the setting sun before a game by Sven Brogren


The New Wrigley Field With Pretty Sunset Sky by Sven Brogren


Rainbow and Waterfall by Sven Brogren


looking up the MCA stairs by Sven Brogren


early morning orange sky on the Chicago Riverwalk by Sven Brogren


Bah'i Temple with reflection pool at dusk by Sven Brogren


Slices of the Chicago Skyline by Sven Brogren


Covered Bridge at dusk with light painting by Sven Brogren

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