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Tammy Ray

Palm Coast, FL - United States








Tammy Ray

Palm Coast, FL - United States

Tammy Ray - Fine Artist

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Welcome! Let me introduce you to my world, as seen through my lens. I have two passions in my life: my family and my love of photography. I am a proud mother of three beautiful children, two of which already share my avid love for photography. My husband is a US Veteran and has served in deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq. He currently serves in the Army National Guard. My family inspires me each and every day through their voices, eyes, actions, feelings and creativity. They open my mind to see past the obvious. To take chances, to believe in whom you are and to express yourself in whatever way you feel in that moment. Photos are such a way of speech for me. They are an open book with no ending. When I take the picture I feel the picture!
I discovered my passion for photography at an early age- I was captivated by the way I could freeze a single moment in time forever on film. It was an entry to an infinite world of wonder. I could put a smile on somebody’s face when they look at one of my photographs, I could bring tears to one’s eyes, I could bring laughter to one’s heart.

While the tools I use today have certainly changed, I still find the same world of wonder all around me: in breathtaking beauty of a soaring landscape, in the innocent smile of a child at play, in the extravagant display of a vibrant flower. All moments in time captured forever to enjoy again and again. I hope you feel that same sense of wonder and enjoyment as you browse.

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Upright Sihoutette by Tammy Ray


Calla Silhouette by Tammy Ray


Calla Lily Across by Tammy Ray


Ocean Dancer by Tammy Ray


Pelican flying by Tammy Ray


Pelican Swimming by Tammy Ray


Pelican Drying by Tammy Ray


Pelican looking at you by Tammy Ray


Soft Rose by Tammy Ray


Fairy Tale Rose by Tammy Ray


Replica of 17th century El Galeon by Tammy Ray


Anchor Ship by Tammy Ray


Rope by Tammy Ray


Leading to Adventure by Tammy Ray


Brilliant Butterfly by Tammy Ray


Butterfly splash by Tammy Ray


Butterfly by Tammy Ray


Sharing a drink by Tammy Ray


Velvet Rose 2 by Tammy Ray


Velvet Rose 1 by Tammy Ray


Red Rose by Tammy Ray


Alone in A Crowd by Tammy Ray


One by Tammy Ray



Alone at the Beach by Tammy Ray

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