Tara Catalano - Fine Artist

Tara Catalano

Phoenix, AZ - United States








Tara Catalano

Phoenix, AZ - United States

Tara Catalano - Fine Artist

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About Tara Catalano

Painting is my back door approach to igniting conversations around healing and spirituality. Painting attuned me to the sacred conversation between me and the creative process which ultimately continues with viewers. Charged with deep emotion and high energy, my paintings are the external manifestations of my mind, body, and soul working synchronously to tell a story. A story painted with a vibrant positive palette in colors of courage, transformation and empowerment.

I’m honored to hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art from Arizona State University where I studied the technical fundamentals associated with painting and drawing. However, the healing potential of the creative process revealed itself when life presented a mixed bag of dark and heavy moments. Painting became my refuge where I felt a surge of inspiration and the courage to transform my story of dark into a story of light….one brushstroke at a time.

I fell in love with the forgiving characteristics of acrylic paint. Raw brushstrokes, texture, organic shapes and symbols arise from the surface as I paint intuitively without sketches or forced objectives.

Artist Statement:
“I thrive on moments in which I can intuitively paint in my sacred space connecting the creative process with divine energy. Allowing my intuition to guide me, my art becomes a visual collection of my inner dialogue. Each work of art upholds the fundamentals of design while celebrating the connection of the mind, body, and soul. I hold great honor in each opportunity in which I can unlock a delicate balance of visual design with personal transformation.”

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Cheeky Dharma by Tara Catalano


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Purpose Speaks by Tara Catalano


Never Give Up by Tara Catalano

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