Tara Leigh Rose - Fine Artist

Tara Leigh Rose

Virginia Beach, VA - United States








Tara Leigh Rose

Virginia Beach, VA - United States

Tara Leigh Rose - Fine Artist

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About Tara Leigh Rose

The youngest of nine children, Tara is a self-taught artist, wife, and mother of three beautiful boys. Born in Virginia as the proud daughter of a Marine pilot, she has spent a lifetime moving around the country. She and her husband, Paul, have just relocated with their children to Virginia Beach, VA. Tara specializes in painting with oil on canvas in the Impressionist genre. As such, she enjoys immersing herself in the medium until the complexity of colors and the thickness of the paint are molded to her satisfaction. Surprisingly, she began painting at Virginia Tech where she earned a degree in English, Psychology, and Theater. In her last semester she took an introductory art class in which she was told to paint the subject before her at will. This open-ended approach would prove invaluable in developing her unique impasto style.

She put aside her professional career in marketing to stay home after the birth of their first son. Then, with her youngest in kindergarten, she felt the canvas calling and she began painting again in earnest. A surge of unexpected talent has emerged after lying dormant for so long and she can hardly stay away from the studio in her home. Interest in purchasing her paintings from friends and strangers alike, spawned the entrepreneurial desire to make a business of creating art she loves. A quote from the Britsh film, Chariots of Fire, describes the passion she has for life and her art. It tells true story of two athletes in the 1924 Olympics: one of whom was Eric Liddell, a devout Scottish Christian who runs for the glory of God. 'I believe that God made me for a purpose. But He also made me fast, and when I run, I feel His pleasure.' Tara says, I imagine I understand that to which Liddell referred because there are moments when I am truly absorbed by it and I feel such intense joy.

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Ocean Beginnings by Tara Leigh Rose


Sailboat by Tara Leigh Rose


Lion in the grass by Tara Leigh Rose


Spring by Tara Leigh Rose


The Shore by Tara Leigh Rose


Floating on Water by Tara Leigh Rose


Tulip Memories by Tara Leigh Rose


Old Town Church by Tara Leigh Rose


Gail's Mountain View by Tara Leigh Rose


Dreams Part One by Tara Leigh Rose


Dreams Part Two by Tara Leigh Rose


Hydrangea Dreams by Tara Leigh Rose


English cobblestone by Tara Leigh Rose


The Flower Pot's Flowers by Tara Leigh Rose


Flower garden by Tara Leigh Rose


Santorini in May by Tara Leigh Rose


In the Creek by Tara Leigh Rose


Rose bouquet by Tara Leigh Rose

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