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Tara Turner

Penticton, BC - Canada








Tara Turner

Penticton, BC - Canada

Tara Turner - Fine Artist

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December 12th, 2009







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About Tara Turner

I am a fine art photographer and digital artist who has a driving passion to capture the beauty of my surrounding environment, whether it be a misty landscape, a moody sky or an old brick wall with a hundred stories to tell. I focus on combining my two favourite genres of photography- landscape and urban. By merging these two mediums I hope to make a statement about how as people we affect the environment around us. As well I hope to evoke emotion by creating a visually appealing, unique and imaginative piece of work, as ultimately in the end, some things can't only been seen...they must be felt

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Good People by Tara Turner


Urban Flower by Tara Turner


An Urban Sundown by Tara Turner


Acid Rain by Tara Turner


Roots by Tara Turner


And I Will Wait For You Until the Sun Goes Down by Tara Turner


Take Shelter by Tara Turner


Middle Ground by Tara Turner


Reflected Dreams by Tara Turner


And the Morning is Perfect in all Her Measured Wrinkles by Tara Turner


The Winter Pier by Tara Turner


The Pathway of Disappearing Colour by Tara Turner


The Magic Puddle by Tara Turner


The Green and Red Dor by Tara Turner


The Old Soul of Srping by Tara Turner


The Door Handle by Tara Turner


The Northern Lights by Tara Turner


The Forest Blues by Tara Turner


The Mismatch by Tara Turner


The Half Smile by Tara Turner


The Mirage by Tara Turner


D is for Door by Tara Turner


The Lonely Hymn of Trees and Old Doors by Tara Turner


Locked Away in Colour by Tara Turner

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   |   Images = 1323





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