Tatyana Holodnova - Fine Artist

Tatyana Holodnova

Marysville, CA - United States








Tatyana Holodnova

Marysville, CA - United States

Tatyana Holodnova - Fine Artist

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About Tatyana Holodnova

Tatyana Holodnova

Born and raised in Russia’s capital city, Moscow, Tatyana studied art at the Stroganov State Moscow University. It was during this time that Russia was going through its biggest political shift in decades. Perestroika, which in Russian means restructuring, marked a point when Russia was shifting from what was once socialist to what was to become somethings between a reformed version of socialism and capitalism. As Tatyana phrases it, “The old things did not work anymore, and the new ones did not work yet.”

Shortly after receiving her bachelor’s of art, in 1996 Tatyana won a Green Card lottery, which allowed her to move to the United States. She settled in northern California, leaving behind the instability and uncertainty of the collapsed Soviet Union. For the first time in her life Tatyana could draw on nature and a carefree lifestyle, to both sustain her and inspire her art.

Once in the United States, Tatyana studies under David Leffel, considered by many to be a “virtuoso of light and composition”, whose distinctive style clearly reflects the Dutch Masters of the 17th Century. Indeed this earned him the moniker “20th Century Old Master.”
Holodnova credits his influence for her move towards beauty in compositions, employing entirely different approach from what she learned in Russia where social realism and political idealism were the most dominant styles. Tatyana formed a new relationship with art. She discovered through this transition and study of the old masters her attraction to Renaissance and Baroque Schools.

Holodnova’s work has been exhibited in many group shows and artist leagues as well as the galleries.

“We regularly sold her paintings. She created the kind of complex quality art where you see new things every time you look at it. You just love it more and more as time passes. Sometimes I was almost sorry to let them go; hoping that Tatyana would bring in a new marvel to replace it.” – Cheryl Keahey, Camelot Gallery owner.

“Many people who saw my portrait told me that Tatyana has captured my Soul.” – Rosemary Rexford

'I want to thank you for your lovely work. The two oils I recently purchased are perfect in my home and every day I delight in the harmonious compositions. The colors, the light, the forms - they all bring out the natural beauty of the objects they depict. They haveadded so much to my space: a living vibration that only real art possesses. The world needs more artists like you!' – Ana Varona

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Wilde Mushrooms by Tatyana Holodnova


Tobby by Tatyana Holodnova


Still-life with wine by Tatyana Holodnova


Pears and an apple by Tatyana Holodnova


Portrait of Anna by Tatyana Holodnova


Citrus by Tatyana Holodnova


Still-life with vegetables by Tatyana Holodnova


Portrait of Rosemary by Tatyana Holodnova


Cats by Tatyana Holodnova


My Cat by Tatyana Holodnova


Pears by Tatyana Holodnova


Winter Fruits by Tatyana Holodnova

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