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Teca Burq-Art

Glendale, AZ - United States








Teca Burq-Art

Glendale, AZ - United States

Teca Burq-Art - Fine Artist

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About Teca Burq-Art

Artist Statement

I HAVE QUIT PAINTING - I am now fully healed so now I use what I learned to help others heal through art.

'I created by expression and not by expectation'.

I am the 'inner child' of someone who was traumatized beyond imagination for decades starting with the gun to her head at age 3. Art is what helped us both heal from decades of past trauma, I really liked to create from my soul - that which serves as my looking glass. As a little girl, as soon as I felt the early warning signs of my traumatic experience, I would immediately create a 'pretty picture' in my mind. However, my sense of 'pretty' was not one of butterflies, flowers, water, etc... it was emotion-based. I then becaome consumed by the art of Frida Kahlo. I wanted to be her - her art was psychological and emotional - it spoke to me. She taught me to be brave - to create from within - and to forget about what people expected.

The awkward limits the brush made me feel trapped inside. Instead I symbolically threw the brush away and started painting with not only my fingers, but my hands, and sometimes my feet. In all, I trusted my intuition to open doors to the unpredictable... and still do. That was when I realized how visually, artistically, and spiritually healing it was to create my emotions.

Teca Burq is the name I would have been given by my biological family had I not been adopted at 5 days old or so I was told but the deception of my adoption is still unraveling. All of my works are 'inner child expressionism' - soul-inspired and spiritually driven. Many times I also painted with my eyes closed to really connect with all levels of consciousness until I instinctively 'feel' finished. I was never sure what the end result would be because every painting started with my fingers and I did not allow myself to have a goal in mind. In my 'healing art', there is no room for consciousness, logic, or ego.

As I created, I would layer textures, colors, objects, and anything else my soul led me to do at the time. Even if my logic brain tried to resist, I pushed until it was out of the way. In doing so, I was usually pleased and, if not, I was still grateful for the experience.

Many times the end results were surprises that I embraced and, through challenges, my sense of accomplishment and integrity ruled.

Even though, since I healed, I am no longer painting nor do I have a desire to, I still consider each work to be an artistic translation of my inner child's thoughts, feelings, emotions, and visions that fed into the higher vibration of my adult self as I progressed into my outer reality.

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