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Teresa Dixon

Crawford, TX - United States








Teresa Dixon

Crawford, TX - United States

Teresa Dixon - Fine Artist

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About Teresa Dixon

Welcome to t dioxn photography.

Photography is my passion. I began by capturing family and friends in candid moments.Then moved on to everyday things that I think are worth a second look or tell a story. What an amazing God we have. My eyes opened to the beauty that He has blessed us with in all things. I began to notice rich color and details I had taken advantage of or was moving too fast to appreciate. My camera allows me to slow down and really resonate in everyday beauty and the role it can play in my life. I felt the need to share what I see with others. Therefore, I am taking the next step in my fine art photography and selling my work. Look around, enjoy! Comment, I love hearing what others feel when they experience my work.

I hope you receive some personal insight when you see my work. If my work can make you feel or see something you didn't expect, then I have accomplished my goal. My hope is that you will pause and really see the power of beauty that surrounds us. That you slow enough to really see and appreciate all of the blessings we have received.

Join me on this journey. I hope you enjoy my art as much as I did creating and capturing the beauty around me.

Teresa Dixon

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