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Teresa Hutto

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Teresa Hutto

Canton, GA - United States

Teresa Hutto - Fine Artist

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About Teresa Hutto

I grew up in Florida and as a child I spent many days running through sandy streets, climbing grapefruit trees and sucking on kumquats. I used to watch my father paint murals on the outside shed in the backyard while I sat on the back door step. Summertime was long and the days were full of adventures- from chasing lizards to digging a swimming hole in the back- not something my mother approved of, mind you. When I paint, I create a reality that never actually existed but with the colors and the nature of the characters, I hope to convey some of the wonder, fun, and love for the area to others. So much of the Florida that I knew growing up is gone now- orange groves are now Estates for richer people that I ever will be and two lane roads are now 12 lane highways of frustration. So even though much of my work is romanticized through the lens of a child's eye, there's still a large grain of truth to it. I hope other people can see a little history in the paintings of a time where the wind dried our clothes and sitting on the front step with your baby was a normal thing to do in the Sunshine State.

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