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Terry Atkins

Apple Valley, CA - United States








Terry Atkins

Apple Valley, CA - United States

Terry Atkins - Fine Artist

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About Terry Atkins

Let me see, It was about five years ago that I went to Gold's Beach to visit my sister (Shane Guinn) who is also on Fine Art. I had a digital camera and took tons and tons of pictures. Later, I was shown by my brother how to crop, enhance and just play around with my photos and I found out that I loved doing that. I am a novice and only shoot digital. I haven't had much time to really do what I want to do as far as hobbies go since I work full time but I love being behind the camera and not in front of it. Every now and then I take a picture that is so perfect that it doesn't need anything added or taken away.
I love that. I love to take floral pictures the best because when you go deeper into the picture, into the petals etc..you see how beautiful and perfect God's creation is. I like all kinds of things so I would consider myself a jack of all trades but no good at any one of them! LOL!

Photography is immediate. You take the picture and it's there. I like that. Quick and simple. I plan on getting into the very tiny stuff, micro photograpy. This is all new to me and therefore very exciting. Now, all I need is the time!

I am experimenting with painting and find that my paintings are abstract. Very unusual and very unique. I either hate them or love them. To afraid to put them here on Fine Art. Maybe someday!

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Insect On White by Terry Atkins


Pleasing In Pink by Terry Atkins


Timid Angel by Terry Atkins


Angel by Terry Atkins


Spectacular Sunset by Terry Atkins


Garden Angel by Terry Atkins


Light Tree by Terry Atkins


Teal Flowers by Terry Atkins


Whisper by Terry Atkins


Victorian pansies by Terry Atkins


Cartoon Flower by Terry Atkins


Swirly Bird by Terry Atkins


The Grove by Terry Atkins


Lily in the Rain by Terry Atkins

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