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Terry Garvin

Clovis, CA - United States

Terry Garvin - Fine Artist

Terry Garvin

Member Since: 08/25/2012

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Thanks for stopping by.

I guess this is where I am supposed to tell you that I have been in photography a long time, have had the privilege of taking many workshops under known photographers, have won awards, and my photos have been shown in several places. That is all good and true but none of that is the reason I take photos.

On a good day photography is a very immersive experience for me. I get lost in the subject and my feelings. Time passes unnoticed. I am not thinking composition or rules or 'oh, this is going to be good'. I am just reacting to what is around me. The same is true in post-production. The best times are when I once again get lost in the experience and just interact with the photo to create a final product. I photograph to express myself, to express things that I cannot adequately put into words.

My hope is that you will enjoy looking at my photos and that you find at least one photo that touches you somehow. Ansel Adams said 'There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.

IF YOU BUY ANYTHING, please note that I will not receive any information other than one of my photos has sold. So if you do buy something, send me a note on what you bought and how you plan to use it. That would give me a chance to express my gratitude to you for your purchase.

Thank you very much for taking the time to visit my site and to wade through this bio.


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Blossom Trail - Central California San Joaquin Valley

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The San Joaquin Valley in California is one of the largest agricultural areas in the world. All sorts of crops, produce, and fruit come from the farms in the area. Every year around the last of February and the beginning of March, all the fruit trees blossom. around the Fresno area is called the blossom trail and is a sight to behold. These photos are from the Blossom Trail.

Terry Garvin - Light in the Orchard
Terry Garvin - Sunny Orchard

Sunny Orchard

Terry Garvin

Terry Garvin - Band of Blossoms

Band of Blossoms

Terry Garvin

Terry Garvin - Lone Blossom

Lone Blossom

Terry Garvin

Terry Garvin - Blossom Blur

Blossom Blur

Terry Garvin

Terry Garvin - Colors of the Orchard
Terry Garvin - Blossom Streamers

Blossom Streamers

Terry Garvin

Terry Garvin - Blossom Standout

Blossom Standout

Terry Garvin

Terry Garvin - Blossom Gathering

Blossom Gathering

Terry Garvin

Terry Garvin - Blossom Standoff

Blossom Standoff

Terry Garvin

Terry Garvin - White Beauties

White Beauties

Terry Garvin

Terry Garvin - Bees and Trees

Bees and Trees

Terry Garvin

Terry Garvin - Blossoms in the Sky

Blossoms in the Sky

Terry Garvin

Terry Garvin - White Beauties bw

White Beauties bw

Terry Garvin

Terry Garvin - Blossom Gathering BW
Terry Garvin - Blossom Standout BW

Blossom Standout BW

Terry Garvin