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Terry Horstman

Woodway, WA - United States








Terry Horstman

Woodway, WA - United States

Terry Horstman - Fine Artist

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About Terry Horstman

My goal as a professional photographer is to illustrate to the world how incredibly beautiful and complex our world is in terms of design, form, texture and color. The world is filled with an endless amount of forms and textures that are often times overlooked because most only see the big picture. With camera in hand my passion is to bring my artistic vision of the world to the viewer.
My artistic vision as a photographer stems from my experience as a painter and my love of plants and nature. I have a thorough understanding of color theory, as my focus as a master gardener with Snohomish County was as a color in the garden expert instructing the public in the proper use of color in the garden. Along with color theory, composition is second nature to me as I can see and reproduce good composition quit easily from my years of practice and experience as an oil painter creating beautiful paintings.

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